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Does your app work in Portuguese or Chinese? Some tips for localizing apps

As the mobile app industry increases its reach into more and more global markets, developers are realizing the need to translate their apps into additional languages if they want to serve customers in multiple geographies. The use of a country's native language is culturally appropriate and it can improve overall sales.

Survey: iOS will win the enterprise market

Mobile developers are turning their attentions to the enterprise, and they're bringing iOS along with it.

7-inch tablets yield new markets and some new fragmentation hassles

This is shaping up to be the season of the 7-inch tablet. The device category has suddenly become popular, and multiple products are starting to hit the market, introducing new outlets for tablet applications.

The risks and rewards of Amazon's smartphone strategy

If the rumors of Amazon's impending launch of a smartphone become a reality it would llikely force Amazon to offer a more comprehensive mobile platform that will inspire developers to contribute applications. But the smartphone expectation also begs some important questions. 

Report: App price is most important factor for iOS, Android users

More than half (55 percent) of mobile gamers who use iOS and Android devices say that obtaining their games for free is the most important motivator when choosing gaming products to download.

The top five things app developers want from developer organizations

People who create mobile applications depend on developer organizations for the necessary software tools and other resources. While developers are generally satisfied with the materials and services they receive from these organizations, there is always room for improvement.

Google reduces its fees for mapping APIs as competition intensifies

Mapping solutions are undergoing dramatic changes and developers that incorporate mapping into their apps will need to pay attention to the changes in this ecosystem because it could affect their application planning and development strategies in the months to come.

What developers need to know about incorporating privacy protection into mobile apps

Mobile application privacy will get a lot of attention this week when the National Telecommunications and Information Administration convenes the first in a series of meetings to examine how applications use consumers' personal and private information.

Study: 74 percent of developers that make specialized apps prefer paid apps over free apps

According to a study by Evans Data Group that surveyed developers that use app stores to distribute their apps, 74 percent of those making specialized apps for commercial ISVs prefer paid apps over free apps.

Google entices developers with Android 4.1 innovations, Google Play enhancements

At Google's annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, the company brought out Android version 4.1, also called Jelly Bean, introduced new Google-branded devices and enhanced the Google Play storefront.