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Reduce Google Play app security risks or watch your brand die

Are your Google Play apps secure? If not, they could put your end users as well as your brand reputation and revenues at risk. And while Google has launched a program to improve security of apps while they're still in development, it can't substitute for good security practices by devs themselves.

Pinterest's URX acquisition spurs cautious optimism among developers

Pinterest has added a mobile deep linking technology provider to its portfolio. The photo sharing website has acquired San Francisco-based URX in a move that could have far-flung effects on mobile app developers worldwide.

Targeting, length among key factors for successful in-app video ads, IAB says

Deploying video ads in your mobile app could help developers increase app revenues, especially if they deploy ads that generate interest from the target audience. But there are a few caveats that devs should not ignore that could torpedo their ad strategy.

Will Fabric mission control dashboard build or demolish Twitter's relationship with developers?

Twitter made waves among the developer community when it announced its Fabric mobile development platform in October 2014. And now, the social networking giant has unveiled a new Fabric dashboard to help developers analyze, evaluate and improve their apps consistently.

LG's gambit to open G5 expansion slot doesn't guarantee developers will show up

LG Electronics is now providing developers with a software development kit and hardware development kit to help them design and deploy apps for its G5 modular smartphone. Sounds great for devs, but it may not be meaningful in the long run.

Facebook F8 conference's key developer tools may reshape social media app landscape

What should developers expect from Facebook over the next decade? Here are three key takeaways from the F8 conference, a gathering that highlighted the social media site's 10-year history and announced new technologies that may reshape the development landscape.

Microsoft commits to open-source Xamarin with its Visual Studio announcement

Microsoft launched a free community version of Xamarin Studio for OS X at its Build 2016 event in San Francisco last month. And Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers now can access Xamarin's enterprise capabilities at no additional cost. Sounds great, but what do these announcements really mean for developers?

What does cloud mean for app developers?

Experience plays an important role in an app developer's decision to develop cloud apps, according to recent data from market analysis firm VisionMobile. And with cloud becoming a substantial growth opportunity for the industry, it's more important than ever to learn how to build cloud apps now.

Are app developers ready for the latest Apple devices?

Apple last week unveiled two devices that may transform the way many iOS app developers design iPad and iPhone offerings. But the changes raise questions about how these developers can deliver user-friendly apps on smaller screens.

Cisco's $150M investment in Spark ecosystem, APIs could boost its popularity with developers

Cisco released Spark in December, a service that enables users to set up video rooms and connect their phones to the cloud. The manufacturer also gave developers free rein, providing them with open application programming interfaces (APIs) they can use to create apps designed to extend Spark's value and help it catch fire in the app industry.