Big Data TechCon, October 27-29 in San Francisco


The "how-to" show for big data developers, IT managers and practitioners. Big Data TechCon is technology-agnostic and will apply to organizations using relational databases, NoSQL databases, graph databases, unstructured data, flat files and data feeds. Use code BIGDATA for a $200 conference discount off the prevailing price. Register early for even more savings. Exhibits are always free.

AnDevCon, Nov. 18-21 San Francisco


AnDevCon, Nov. 18-21 San Francisco, is the technical conference for software developers building or selling Android apps. Receive a $200 discount off the prevailing rate of either the 4-day or 3-day pass by inserting the code ANDROID when prompted at

GDC Next ft. App Developers Conference 2014

Event | Nov 3-4 | Los Angeles, CA

Game Developers Conference Next brings the video game community together to learn how to increase discoverability and position games for success. GDC Next will also feature the App Developers Conference (ADC), with topics such as app creation, UI/UX, security, marketing and business. Register here.

HTML5 Communications Summit 2014

Event | November 18-19 | San Jose, CA

Learn how to develop and deliver multimedia interactive web and mobile experiences for your users. Encourage engagement, create brand loyalty, increase conversions and make your app viral by employing the knowledge, skills and tips learned at this summit. Topics include nodejs and socket, making JavaScript apps faster, incorporating video and voice, angular and backbone and more. Day two will focus on incorporating WebRTC into your app. Register here, save 20% with code FIERCE.