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Whitepaper - Connected Cars: The Journey Ahead

Whitepaper | Presented By: Aricent

The paper delves into the engineering and business model challenges and how they can be addressed to develop an optimal solution. It also discusses the various technologies that are being leveraged to develop autonomous cars. Download this whitepaper today!

The Business Case for Shifting Live-to-VOD Media Processing to the Edge with Just-in-Time Transcoding

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Vantrix | Published on: April 6, 2015

Rigorous analysis comparing operator TCO for just-in-time packaging (JITP) versus just-in-time transcoding (JITT) shows that growing content volumes, soaring transcoder performance and high storage costs tip the scales emphatically in favor of JITT. Click here to get the free industry study!

Whitepaper: Interoperability in Connected Devices

Whitepaper | Presented By: Aricent

This whitepaper also talks about the critical importance of interoperability when deploying connected ecosystems in the Internet of Things. It also discusses the latest trends in the consumer electronics and automotive markets. Download this whitepaper today!

Amdocs' 2015 State of the RAN whitepaper

Whitepaper | SPONSORED BY: Amdocs

Discover trends affecting global mobile operators as they strive to deliver resilient wireless coverage and capacity. Learn More!

Can you charge in real time?

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Amdocs

The connected world is at the midst of a data explosion. With 4G LTE networks becoming more ubiquitous and 5G already on the horizon, the hunger for data is growing exponentially. Read our white paper to find out how to monetize this demand in real time.

Infographic | Network Architecture

Whitepaper | Presented by: Cisco

Are you thinking about your next transition in network architecture? Download this infographic to find out more!

LTE Insights 2015

Whitepaper | Sponsored by: Tektronix

It's easy to forget that in the early days of 4G, operators were leery of LTE mainly because it didn't support mobile's main cash cow: circuitswitched voice. With LTE now live in over 360 cellular networks worldwide, it's safe to say VoLTE's time has come. Stay ahead of the curb, and download this eBook to learn more.

Running Out of Bandwidth? Take a Fresh Look at 100G

Whitepaper | Presented by: Cisco

100G technology is being used in products, ranging from data center to core routing to DWDM, and the optical use cases can be particularly compelling. No matter where you are in the technology life cycle, 100G deserves a fresh look. Download this whitepaper today!