Editor's Corner: Live from JavaOne 2005!

I'm writing this week's issue of FierceDeveloper live from the opening days of JavaOne 2005 in San Francisco. The big news for J2ME developers is that Sun has heard your complaints about

Vodafone exec: Stop making 'crap' games

Graeme Ferguson, Vodafone's global content chief, has had it with "crap" mobile games. "I'm still amazed after three years at Vodafone to see some fantastic licenses with

ARM announces new Java compiler

Chip giant ARM Holdings has announced a new version of Jazelle RCT, just-in-time and ahead-of-time Java bytecode compiler for mobile applications. The new version

Series 60 Java to feature CDC

Nokia's Series 60 handsets will include the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) in the next update. CDC makes it much easier to create networked J2ME apps and

Motorola E895: New Linux/Java handset

The E895 is a new tri-band Linux/Java handset from Motorola. The handset includes a 1.3-MP camera, 10MB of internal memory, and a miniUSB port. The phone builds

T-Mobile exec: Phones have too many features

T-Mobile executive vice president David Hytha claims that mobile phones are suffering from "feature creep." He blames both operators and manufacturers for

Java language comparision tricks

JavaOne isn't just about networking. The conference has tons of down-and-dirty programming advice, like today's feature on Java's comparision operators.

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Europeans don't care about advanced features. Blog Motorola software shortens emails for the small screen.

Editor's Corner: Mobile search continues to heat up

Mobile search is seen by many as the key to luring the mobile masses away from the carrier portal and out onto the Internet. So, understandably, there's quite a bit of competition among mobile

Nokia's curious Web browser evolution

At first, the Series 60 had a custom-designed WAP browser. Then Nokia cuts a deal to preload Opera on its phones. Now the company is working with

Yahoo buys DialPad

Yahoo has purchased old-school VoIP provider DialPad for an undisclosed sum. Personally, I think this is a big deal; I bet Yahoo has lofty goals for this

2.3 billion wireless subscribers by 2009

According to In-Stat, there will be 2.3 billion global wireless subscribers by 2009. This represents 777 million new subscribers between 2004 and 2009.

Rumor: No new Treo until 2006

This is pure speculation, but considering that there haven't been any news of new Treos, it seems unlikely that we'll see a new Treo before next year. It seems odd -- the

Review: Firefly, the cell phone for kids

There's not too much to the Firefly, the cell phone targeted at kids. The phone has a few speed dial buttons instead of a number pad and can be set to restrict

Dozens of new Samsung phones

In addition to the phones announced last week, Samsung has unveiled a slew of new handsets at CommunicAsia 2005. I wonder how many will make it out of Asia?

New content scheme to protect phone numbers

The Liberty Alliance has drafted specifications for a new mobile content distribution scheme that would prevent content providers from learning the mobile number

Open-source J2ME games

Want to learn how to build J2ME games? Want some solid, tested code to base your new game on? Well, why don't you check out Winter Sports and Marv the Miner, two J2ME games released under

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Composers want ringtone tax. Blog The death of dial-up. Article Study: Most

Editor's Corner

Editor's Corner In case you missed my letter, I'd like to invite you to join me at an exclusive FierceDeveloper executive summit. The event, wVoIP

Nokia, Apple to create Series 60 Web browser

Nokia is working with Apple to create an open-source mobile Web browser. The Series 60 Web browser will be based on WebCore, the