.NET: Securing user data

The Code Project has a nice article on securing content in .NET CF. It makes judicious use of the Pocket PC's Enhanced Cryptographic Service Provider system. The

Designing mobile Web content

IBM has posted recommendations for designing Web content for mobile devices. The article contains both the obvious ("limit graphical content") and the not-so-obvious ("e

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Is palmOne blowing its big chance with the LifeDrive? Article Bluetooth social networking at JavaOne with Nokia Sensor.

Editor's Corner: A PDA Resurgence?

According to Gartner, PDA sales made their biggest jump ever in the first quarter of 2005. Preliminary estimates show that shipments

Rumor: Microsoft to debut Windows Mobile 2005 (Magneto) next week

Microsoft is expected to officially announce Windows Mobile 2005 (aka Magneto) next week at MEDC 2005. WM2005 includes upgraded Office apps (including a mobile PowerPoint app),

Vonage scores $200M VC investment

Yowza! Vonage has just accepted an additional $200 million in private financing, bringing the total funding to $408 million. The company says the money will be used to support its

Qualcomm chips to support Linux

Qualcomm has pledged to support Linux in its next generation of handset chips. Chips running special real-time versions of Linux are cheaper to manufacture

Napster opens ringtone store

Napster has partnered with Dwango Wireless to launch Napstertones, a ringtone download service. The ringotones are currently only available to T-Mobile and Cingular customers and

Verizon to offer Treo 650

Verizon has just confirmed rumors that it will offer the Treo 650. A launch date has not been set, but customers can sign up to receive an email notification when

Samsung E800: Special 'girly' edition

Samsung has launched a special pink version of the E800 with fake jewels and dangly charms. I think phone manufacturers are still trying to

HP iPAQ hw6500 vs. the Treo 650

Is the iPAQ hw6500 worth the wait? A bunch of comparison photos have appeared on the Web that show how the device stacks up to its competitors (literally).

.NET CF Performance and Working Set FAQ

Microsoft has posted version 2.0 of its FAQ on performance issues with .NET CF. The document offers advice on everything from threading to XML parsing. Did you know that virtual

Creating a J2ME Web Services client

Web Services can be a very powerful method of adding applications. This DevX article explains how to use JSR-172 (present on Series 60 phones) to create

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Russel Beattie: Bill Gates doesn't get mobile (and that's a good thing!) Blog Is Nokia regaining its swagger?

Editor's Corner: Mobile TV

Ericsson announced this week that interactive TV is the future of mobile media. I've said before that I'm not a big believer in

Bill Gates on mobile tech

Engadget scored an interview with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and quizzed him on Windows Mobile, Xbox, and consumer

How did Mforma recruit a retired AOL exec?

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an interesting story about how Mforma lured Jonathan Sacks, the former president of AOL Interactive Services, out of retirement. Sacks

New Nokia N-series phones

The rumored Nokia pictures I wrote about last week are authentic. Nokia has announced three new N-series handsets. The N91 is a 3G jukebox phone with a 4GB hard

Rumor: Verizon to get Treo 650 on May 11

Phone Arena is reporting on rumors that palmOne's Treo 650 will finally makes its Verizon debut on May 11 for $400 with a two-year contract. The phone is

.NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3

Microsoft has released Service Pack 3 for .NET Compact Framework 1.0. It includes numerous bug fixes -- lets hope device builders include it in their new