Sprint to buy US Unwired for $1.3B

Sprint has agreed to purchase US Unwired, one its affiliates, for $1.3 billion. Sprint bought US Unwired to end the company's legal efforts to

ICANN approves .mobi domains

ICANN has approved the .mobi top level domain (TLD). Websites ending in .mobi will contain content specifically designed for mobile devices. Nokia, Microsoft,

Verizon offers Motorola E815 EV-DO handset

Verizon Wireless has started selling a new phone with support for its EV-DO network. The Motorola E815 is similar to the V710 and includes a 1.3-MP camera, an MP3

Getting started with J2ME

Just getting started with J2ME development? Check out this example-driven introduction to the language, excerpted from Carol Hamer's book J2ME Games with

MSXML in Windows Mobile 2005

The Win CE Networking Team brings word that Microsoft's XML parser, MSXML3 SP1, is shipping standard with Windows Mobile 2005. This version includes SAX and XSLT.

QUICKLINKS: An interview with NIKITA; Gnutella P2P on Symbian handsets; Much more...

Russian mobile developer NIKITA talks about their new game. Interview Symella: A Gnutella P2P client for Symbian.

Editor's Corner: T-Mobile USA for sale?

According to a report in today's Wall Street Journal (sub. req.), high-level Deutsche Telekom executives

Digital Chocolate announces layoffs

Digital Chocolate, the mobile gaming company and media darling, has downsized four people, including the one vice president.

Index Corp buys WAM China

Japanese mobile content firm Index Corp has acquired WAM China, a major Chinese content provider. WAM is partnered with 40 Chinese media companies and provides ringtones and

JavaOne: Pictures from the show floor

Michael Yuan has a nice collection of pictures from the JavaOne show floor on his blog, and there are many more available on Flickr.

New high-end Siemens phones

Siemens recently announced two new high-end handsets: the S75 and the SL75. The S75 is a candybar-style musicphone with 128MB of storage for

Pictures of the Motorola E790 iTunes phone

Engadget has pictures that are supposedly of the Motorola E790, better known as the iTunes phone. As usual, it's impossible to verify if these

Windows Mobile in kiosk mode

There are plenty of uses for locked-down, kiosk mode in Windows Mobile. For example, IT departments may want to provide specialized devices that only run a small

Learning Symbian programming

Budding developers should check out the Symbian Programming Tutorial Blog. It's got a bunch of good tips and tricks. Blog

QUICKLINKS: Motorola phones already work with iTunes? ; Unsending SMS messages; Much more...;

Motorola phones already work with iTunes? Blog Samsung patents method to "unsend" SMS.

Feature: Mobile Marketing

Bringing Mobile Marketing to the Table

Editor's Corner: Live from JavaOne 2005!

I'm writing this week's issue of FierceDeveloper live from the opening days of JavaOne 2005 in San Francisco. The big news for J2ME developers is that Sun has heard your complaints about

Vodafone exec: Stop making 'crap' games

Graeme Ferguson, Vodafone's global content chief, has had it with "crap" mobile games. "I'm still amazed after three years at Vodafone to see some fantastic licenses with

ARM announces new Java compiler

Chip giant ARM Holdings has announced a new version of Jazelle RCT, just-in-time and ahead-of-time Java bytecode compiler for mobile applications. The new version

Series 60 Java to feature CDC

Nokia's Series 60 handsets will include the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) in the next update. CDC makes it much easier to create networked J2ME apps and