Report: App users warming up to 'value exchange' ads

Consumers are willing to click on a mobile ad in an app if it gives them access to some kind of premium content, according to the MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming Report, H1 2013.

Apple's moves on legacy iOS apps make most devs happy

While developers race to offer apps compatible with the new iOS 7, they were also surprised by a last-minute decision to offer compatibility options for older versions.

Why Twitter's acquisition of MoPub could mean money for developers

Apple's App Store is still the place where developers go to make money from downloads, but it may not be too long before Twitter is the place they go for in-app advertising.

What the iPhone 5s's 64-bit capabilities will mean for mobile games

In the end, there weren't a lot of big surprises at Apple's Sept. 10 event, which confirmed most of the rumors about the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7. If you're a mobile game developer, however, the highlight of the morning may not have been the new hardware and software but the moment when they demo-ed Infinity Blade III.

Report: Most Windows developers struggle with mobile app transition

The recent acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft may not do a lot to help the world's largest software company attract more users to Windows Phone apps, according to a recent study by Embarcadero.

Developers eye opportunities in iOS 7 Sept. 18 launch

"The wait is over," was the theme of many stories covering Apple's launch event on Sept. 10, but for developers and their customers, the prospect of holding out another week for iOS 7 felt like almost too much to bear.

Why Apple won't let developers near Touch ID in the iPhone 5S

There was probably about as much chance of Apple allowing third-party apps to make use of the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5S as there was of the Sept. 10 launch event being live-streamed. Still, indie developers have reasons to be disappointed. 

What developers are saying about Apple's Sept. 10 launch event

Just like their customers, they're following the rumors. Just like their customers, they're watching and waiting to see what happens on Sept. 10. And just like their customers, developers already have plenty of opinions about what Apple may or may not launch.

Google gaining on Apple's iPhone in major app categories

The world will be watching Apple and its plans for the mobile market this week, but the competition from Google continues to come on all fronts, according to a recent report from comScore. The company released data from its MobiLens and Mobile Metrix products for July 2013 showing a variety of trends around smartphone adoption, platforms and top apps.

The iPhone 5S effect: How developers could cash in on the Apple announcements

Don't even bother typing "iPhone 5S" into Google. The volume of search results will be overwhelming. Try a term like "iPhone 5S apps" instead, however, and you'll immediately notice a void.

The iPhone 5S counter-attack that Apple's rivals overlooked

This circling of Apple's rivals the week before its fall launch was obviously intended to capture consumer and industry attention before it was completely diverted by the iPhone 5S, or whatever Apple chooses to announce. It probably won't work--it's going to be all iPhone 5S, all the time for at least the next week or so.

Jumptap: 84% of traffic coming from mobile apps vs. Web apps

Mobile apps are alive and well even as tablet marketshare shifts, according to Jumptap. The audience measurement software provider's latest MobileSTAT report for August mines large quantities of network data to identify targeting and audience trends.

Developers choose sides in Siri-Google Glass feud

They represent some of the most innovative ways in which Apple and Google are trying to increase engagement with consumers, but developers couldn't get enough of the humor inspired by a mock feud between iOS virtual assistant Siri and the wearable technology Google Glass last week.

Qualcomm's Uplinq 2013: Inside the developer relations strategy

Before she took on her role as senior director of developer relations at San Diego-based Qualcomm, Lauren Thorpe spent her career in stints at Helio, Hands-On Mobile and THQ Wireless. That means she learned first-hand about the kind of opportunities and challenges facing developers attending Qualcomm's Uplinq conference, which takes place Sept. 3-5 near its headquarters in San Diego.

It's time for Apple to open up about its App Store algorithm changes

The rankings within app stores--any app store, from any provider--shouldn't be harder to interpret than Egyptian hieroglyphics. Unfortunately for developers, however, the thinking of some platform vendors, Apple in particular, can be more inscrutable than the Sphinx.

Developers shocked to learn that 40% of all BlackBerry apps are from same firm

Not many developers can claim they've created close to 50,000 apps, but after a recent scandal involving troubled smartphone provider BlackBerry, many of them probably wouldn't want to.

Distimo: Apple's App Store anniversary promotions didn't change app rankings

Apple's five-year App Store anniversary gift to consumers didn't necessarily pay off in terms of downloads, according to a recent report from Distimo. The analytics firm introduced a new monthly report which looks at the top apps across all major platforms and breaks down adoption by geography and top titles.

Is it time for app developers to declare 'game over'?

It's not like Peter Relan doesn't like mobile games; in fact, it would be ridiculous to think he doesn't like mobile games. He just sees the big money happening somewhere else.

How Voxer is pushing push-to-talk apps into the future

FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to Voxer CTO Matt Ranney about the firm's push into the enterprise segment, the evolution of mobile voice communication and the importance of embracing native development. With enterprise adoption booming, this summer Voxer introduced two professional-grade apps. Voxer Pro, priced at a $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, adds new features like Live Interrupt Mode, allowing users to hear chats outside of the app.

Instagram's trademark crackdown a warning shot for developers

There are few questions that seem more relevant in an age of digital marketing than, "What's in a name?" For a developer, or more specifically for an app, the name can be almost everything. The name represents the brand, and the brand represents all the attributes that should hopefully make consumers want to download (or even better, pay for) the actual app.