Developer Workshop: InfoMedia, Inc. Company Profile

Developer Workshop is a series of profiles exploring the current state of the mobile marketplace from the point of view of the software developers mapping out its future. Each profile will focus on a developer with a compelling story to tell, and offer their perspective on what the industry's doing right, what it's doing wrong and how to make it better. The profiles will also explore the developer's creative philosophy--why they chose to write for mobile devices, how they hope their applications will impact the lives of consumers and their advice for aspiring developers.

This week FierceDeveloper profiles InfoMedia, a mobile application developer responsible for some very successful and innovative iPhone apps.

InfoMedia - Company Profile

InfoMedia emerged as one of the biggest App Store success stories to date when its iFart Mobile novelty application rocketed to the top of the iPhone sales charts just 10 days after its Dec. 12 commercial debut. On December 22, more than 13,000 iPhone users worldwide downloaded the 99-cent flatulence app, earning InfoMedia close to $10,000 in a single day--no less compelling, the firm's CEO Joel Comm (the marketing guru and Internet entrepreneur who wrote the New York Times bestseller The AdSense Code) published the daily iFart sales totals on his blog, offering unprecedented access into the fast-changing economics of mobile software development.

iFart Mobile was not InfoMedia's first venture into iPhone development: In August 2008, the company introduced iVote Mobile, offering users a digital platform to voice their feelings via simple opinion polls and then compare and contrast results from across the globe. Earlier this month, InfoMedia announced that over 54,000 people have now downloaded the iVote Mobile app onto their iPhones. And momentum is growing behind InfoMedia's third iPhone effort, the newly-released Joel Comm app, which Comm refers to as the first "people app"--i.e., personalized iPhone applications powered by the company's proprietary Mobile Syndication Service solution. FierceDeveloper editor Jason Ankeny spoke to Comm about iFart Mobile's success, the value of application marketing and InfoMedia's plans for an encore--click on the Q+A or Demo icons below.

InfoMedia's Company Profile

Q+A from Joel Comm

InfoMedia's Application Demos

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