Developer Workshop: Shazam

Developer Workshop is a series of profiles exploring the current state of the mobile marketplace from the point of view of the software developers mapping out its future. Each profile will focus on a developer with a compelling story to tell, and offer their perspective on what the industry's doing right, what it's doing wrong and how to make it better. The profiles will also explore the developer's creative philosophy--why they chose to write for mobile devices, how they hope their applications will impact the lives of consumers and their advice for aspiring developers.

This week FierceDeveloper profiles Shazam, the mobile music discovery application provider whose ShazamID song identification app is connecting a generation of iPhone and Android users to the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Shazam users have now identified more than 100 million songs and are tagging more than a million tracks each day.

In this workshop will find more of our company profile on Shazam below, as well as a Q+A with COO Chee Wong and a video demo of the company's iPhone app.

Shazam - Company Profile

London-based mobile music discovery application provider Shazam first introduced its ShazamiD song identification application in 2002, and while the firm now boasts partnerships with more than 75 carriers in 60 countries, its success is most closely tied to Apple's iPhone. In late September, Shazam announced that more than 1.5 million new users downloaded the application in the six weeks following its debut on Apple's App Store. At that time, Shazam boasted more than 20 million users worldwide, and just six months later, that number now totals more than 35 million.

ShazamiD promises users a content recognition solution that can identify music from any source, regardless of ambient noise. After users hold their handset to the audio feed for a few seconds, the clip is run through Shazam's database of more than eight million tracks (dating back to the 1950s) to find an exact match. Over time, Shazam has expanded the service to allow users to search for specific interests, tag music that commands their attention, purchase premium downloads and share favorites with their friends. Shazam users have now identified more than 100 million songs and are tagging more than a million tracks each day.

Since launching its iPhone application, Shazam has also extended its service to Google's Android mobile OS, enabling users to purchase music from the Amazon MP3 store and connect with artists through MySpace. FierceDeveloper spoke with Shazam COO Chee Wong about the impact of both iPhone and Android, the challenges of developing across multiple platforms and the value of simplicity.


Shazam's Company Profile

Q+A from Chee Wong

Shazam's Application Demo

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