Developer Workshop: Viigo

Developer Workshop is a series of profiles exploring the current state of the mobile marketplace from the point of view of the software developers mapping out its future. Each profile will focus on a developer with a compelling story to tell, and offer their perspective on what the industry's doing right, what it's doing wrong and how to make it better. The profiles will also explore the developer's creative philosophy--why they chose to write for mobile devices, how they hope their applications will impact the lives of consumers and their advice for aspiring developers. Check out our previous workshops on Shazam and InfoMedia.

This week FierceDeveloper profiles Viigo. The company's application offers single-click access to travel information, shopping, blogging and other services.

In this workshop you'll find more of our company profile on Viigo below, as well as a Q+A with CEO Mark Ruddock and a video demo of the company's app.

Viigo - Company Profile

Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World is just a few weeks old, but already the virtual storefront has produced its first breakout mobile application: Viigo, which promises smartphone users single-click access to customized news, weather, entertainment, sports, stock updates, travel information, shopping and blogging services. The free, advertiser-supported Viigo app has consistently ranked number one on the Top Downloads list since BlackBerry App World first launched, enjoying its greatest traction on BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve and Pearl devices--according to Viigo CEO Mark Ruddock, about 100,000 new BlackBerry users downloaded the application in the first five days following the app marketplace's April 1 debut, shattering the developer's previous download record.

But Viigo is no overnight success story. The Toronto-based firm's origins date back to 2004 when it launched with its original name, Virtual Reach. The following spring the company introduced its first BlackBerry app, Newsclip, which was designed and built on an RSS platform to deliver news headlines directly to the handset.

Viigo expanded the offering to the Windows Mobile and Palm operating systems in April 2006, and in January 2008 it premiered the current edition of the Viigo software, adding a series of usability enhancements including improved feed update frequency, new shortcuts, more efficient blogging and synchronization with Google Reader accounts.

Viigo's mandate has remained the same across all its incarnations: provide an intuitive, user-friendly approach to accessing, managing and consuming syndicated content and related media on mobile devices.


Viigo's Company Profile

Q+A from Mark Ruddock

Viigo's Application Demo

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