Report: 'Words With Friends' will be played by four out of 10 people on an average day

ByteMobile shows how consumers are behaving on their smartphones, offering some ideas for developers

A report based on mobile data traffic from carrier networks around the world shows that, for once, Angry Birds is not necessarily the most popular app on any given day.

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Source: ByteMobile

Every quarter, Citrix subsidiary ByteMobile publishes a research study that culls information gathered from mobile carriers that use its Smart Capacity Mobile Analytics product. The intention of the research is to help carriers identify what kinds of usage patterns are trending and where they may need to improve their quality of service.

For mobile developers, however, the findings showed some interesting trends around how often the most popular games are used, which ad networks are gaining traction and what other app categories are finding an engaged audience.

For instance, out of every 10 smartphone users, four will probably play Words With Friends, the ByteMobile Report said, while two users will play Temple Run. More than one likely will play Angry Birds, the report added, and one will play Bejeweled and Solitaire.

Besides playing games, the report also highlighted some of the most other kinds of activities smartphone users were likely to perform. Out of 10 smartphone users, on any given day, four will open a social networking app, and two will visit an app store. From a content perspective, the report offered the most detail on health-specific apps.

Thirty-nine percent of subscribers using one or more mobile health applications use a fitness-specific app, for example, which tend to generate the most traffic (i.e. are most used) around 6:00 p.m. Pregnancy-related apps also scored high, with usage across 47 percent of subscribers. Six users out of 10 were also likely to check the news, the weather and maps, which may reinforce the business case for making apps in these areas.

The subscriber data was complemented by a consumer survey of 1,000 Americans conducted on behalf of Citrix/ByteMobile by Wakefield Research. The study attempted to explain the emotional rationale behind their smartphone behavior. The data suggested that for developers who make the right kind of app, there is a highly available audience waiting to be entertained.

"When asked the primary reason for using their mobile devices, 64 percent of survey respondents said "to keep myself from being bored," the consumer report said. "The next most popular reason, 'to bring friends or family together,' was cited by just 32 percent of respondents, which indicates that Americans may prefer quality time with a mobile device to hanging out with a 'real' friend."

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