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Latest Headlines

Facebook unveils SDK for Swift beta

The company this month announced the Facebook SDK for Swift beta, which enables developers to integrate their iOS mobile apps with services on the social network.

Appsalar, Appsee and Countly keep app analytics on point

App analytics tools abound in the industry, including numerous free options. But recent data indicates the majority of developers remain undecided about which of these tools works best and delivers proven results that devs can act on to improve their products.

Hilton: The power of analytics in IoT

Analytics is a critical enabler of Internet of Things solutions, offering public and private organisations insights into planning, compliance, process monitoring, and metric monitoring.

Alcatel-Lucent urges operators to move away from 'one size fits all' approach to data

NICE, France--Better usage of network analytics tools would provide a more granular picture of how much data is being used for which services and products, enabling operators to provide more customised and targeted services to end users, according to an Alcatel-Lucent executive.

Data becoming the industry

If you ask a management team to define " analytics ", you'll probably get answers that conjure up images of massive data storage inf

Flurry: More developers with 1M monthly active users than ever before

We usually hear about the staggering growth stats of major apps from Facebook and Snapchat, but recently released data from Flurry indicates there's hope for developers who dream of amassing millions of monthly active users.

Analytics beyond the hype: CSPs achieve tangible benefits

This Northstream white paper examines the opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to improve all areas of their business through the applications of data analytics.

Big data is not meant to be ignored

A well-executed big data analytics project requires flexible business structures and logical processes, not siloed structures with artificial constraints (like internal politics) that have been d

Business analytics prompts fresh investments

As we move into an era characterized by rapid generation of large volumes of data, many are looking at how such data can be leveraged more effectively to give their organization a competitive adv

Telcos must leverage cloud capabilities

Redknee CEO Lucas Skoczkowski explains how the cloud allows service providers to address the full spectrum of the long tail of customers   Tony Poul