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Latest Headlines

Amazon to enable video downloads to Android phones with SD cards

In one of the bigger announcements yet relating to the downloading of mobile video, Amazon said it will start letting Prime Video customers, and those who buy movies and TV shows from its transactional platform, download the product to Android phone SD cards.

Enhanced UI, multi-window support and other features developers should know about Android Nougat

It's official, the next Google mobile operating system will be "Android Nougat," and the developer preview is already available.

Report: Android malware strain infects 85M users

Roughly 85 million Android users around the world have been infected with a new strain of malware,  ZDNet  reported. The software, which appears to have originated in China, generates pop-up ads and app downloads and may steal users' data.

Google, Udacity partner for Android Basics Nanodegree program

The program, which is offered by online courses provider Udacity, requires no programming experience, making it a valuable option for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of Android app development.

BlackBerry reportedly developing three new Android phones

An undaunted BlackBerry is continuing to pursue its mobile hardware business aggressively, according to a report from  VentureBeat. The one-time king of the mobile enterprise is reportedly developing three new Android handsets that are expected to come to market over the next three quarters: the Neon, a low- to mid-range handset that will hit shelves in the next two months; the Argon, which will be targeted at business users; and the Mercury, which is scheduled to debut early next year.

iOS users spend nearly 2.5 times as much as Android users, study shows

iOS users are roughly 50 percent more likely to spend money in apps than their Android counterparts, according to a new study from AppsFlyer. 

Kaspersky Lab: Android ransomware attacks grow fourfold in year to end-March

Kaspersky Lab reported that the number of ransomware attacks on Android devices rose fourfold in the year to end-March 2016, with some 136,532 users hit by attacks globally.

Google launches Playbook for Developers, provides tips for Android developers

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has launched Playbook for Developers, a mobile app that provides developers with tips to help them grow their businesses on Google Play.

Report: Google to launch its own phone later this year

Google is planning to launch its own phone later this year in an effort to take more control of its Android platform,  The Telegraph  reported this morning.

Report: Huawei developing its own mobile OS

Huawei is developing its own mobile operating system as a "contingency measure" in case Google gets too heavy-handed with its own Android platform, according to a new report from  The Information.