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What if the mobile game blockbusters never leave the app store charts?

I am trying to remember the last hit song that I wanted desperately to stop playing on the radio, but in an age of streaming music the only thing that comes back to me are the really old ones. When I was a teenager, for example, there was "The Sign," from Ace of Base, which enjoyed at least 14 weeks in the No. 1 spot on my local station. Even the DJs seemed sick of it, but in the grand scheme of things it's nothing like the enduring success that certain mobile games enjoy.

What the NSA's use of Angry Birds will mean for other developers

There are probably a number of app developers who would like to fling something painful at Rovio. And you could hardly blame them.  Not that the creators of  Angry Birds  would be the only targets. Since the  New York Times  reported  that the NSA and a similar organization in Britain have been culling personal data via smartphone apps, the floodgates for criticism and even hacking have been blown wide open.

Comcast launches Angry Birds Toons on multiple platforms

Comcast said it launched Angry Birds Toons, an on-demand channel that features short animated video clips based on the game produced by Rovio Entertainment.  The 3-minute clips, which debuted on Sunday, are available on its video-on-demand platform, its Xfinity.com/tv online video portal and its Xfinity TV Player App for mobile devices, Comcast said.

Report: 'Words With Friends' will be played by four out of 10 people on an average day

A report based on mobile data traffic from carrier networks around the world shows that, for once, Angry Birds is not necessarily the most popular app on any given day.

If 'Angry Birds' can become a T-shirt, so could your app

Rovio's Angry Birds are everywhere, in almost every form factor you could imagine, and there is no doubt in my mind that somewhere along the line someone is buying a piece of Angry Birds merchandise without having a clue that it has anything to do with a mobile app. That's when you know you've got a brand with legs.

Consumers value recommendations when downloading apps

Smartphone customers seeking ways to streamline discovery of mobile apps are demonstrating that recommendations matter. Triapodi, which offers the Appreciate Personal App Market recommendation engine

Majority of mobile game developers struggle to make money

Mobile game developers are competing in one of the most difficult of all mobile application markets. Although the mobile game market is full of promise, it does not offer financial success to the