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Latest Headlines

Devs aren't surprised to learn Harmonix employees were giving 5-star reviews to their own game

All mobile game developers would like to get five-star reviews, but many of them on social media sounded disgusted with a recent incident involving Rock Band 4 maker Harmonix.

All those unfair app reviews have revealed a big flaw in Apple's public beta for iOS 9

Most of the time, developers know it's probably their fault when their app gets a bad review. The recent problems involving iOS 9 beta, however, show that there are some times when even a developer's best work can't truly stand on its own.

Circa's CEO has a news flash for developers that want to get their app reviewed

I feel kind of guilty admitting this so publicly, but I recently uninstalled Circa. It's a great app, but I have too many others that I use more often, and my smartphone only has so much room. That being said, I wonder if I owe Matt Galligan a review. 

Developers eagerly make use of Microsoft's option to respond to Windows Phone app reviews

Until recently, the best most app developers could do when someone writes a bad review was take a deep breath and count to 10. If their app or mobile game was created for Windows Phone, however, Microsoft is now offering them other ways to respond.

Your app got bad, unfair reviews. Now what?

"SUCKS!" it says, followed by one star. "Garbage. Needs major improvements, very slow app," says another, with an equally low rating. "Not great. Meh, and not accurate," says a third. These are extracts from user reviews of an actual sports app randomly selected on Google Play. Needless to say, it will take considerable work for the developer in question to get enough good feedback to push the rants and diatribes out of the way.

Enough with the in-your-face app review requests

Some people download apps when they want to have some fun. Others do it when they need something that will help them solve a particular problem. Me? I tend to download apps during emergencies, like when my kids are screaming in a public place.

Survey: Exploring the reasons users complain about apps

The problem with bad reviews is they have a way of staying around online forever, which is why developers will need to be sure their mobile apps perform as expected, based on a recent survey from Apigee.