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Dear Apple: iOS innovation should not come at the expense of App Store policies

"Panic" seems like the appropriate name for an app developer when you hear about a recent App Store fracas the creator of Transmit iOS recently got into with Apple. As the firm recounted in a strange (and no doubt sympathy-inducing) blog post, it recently removed what sounded like a popular feature in its file management tool: the ability to share files to iCloud, Dropbox and similar services. Anyone who has grappled with Apple in the past will probably not be surprised about iCloud. 

Developers totally 'get' Apple's decision to yank the word 'free' from the App Store

Apple put a lot of new things into the market this year--the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Air 2 and plans for an Apple Watch--but 2014 will also mark the moment it took out something important: the word "free" from its App Store.

Mobile devices surpass TV in viewership

The advantages of developing software for a device that stays pretty much glued to consumers 24 hours a day appear to be paying off. According to Yahoo!-owned mobile analytics firm Flurry, time spent on mobile devices has grown to 177 minutes per day on average, surpassing time spent with the TV, which stayed flat at 168 minutes per day.

It's time for Apple to open up about its App Store algorithm changes

The rankings within app stores--any app store, from any provider--shouldn't be harder to interpret than Egyptian hieroglyphics. Unfortunately for developers, however, the thinking of some platform vendors, Apple in particular, can be more inscrutable than the Sphinx.

ByteMobile: Four iOS apps generate 82% of operators' data volume

Media Player, App Store, Safari and Facebook are the top iOS apps by an overwhelming margin, generating 82 percent of data volume on mobile networks, according to the latest Citrix ByteMobile report. The firm anonymously sources information about mobile network data traffic from a global cross section of its customers.

Don't blame Apple if you become a one-app-wonder

Forget about becoming an overnight success. It only took Barry Meade about three hours to enjoy the kind of mobile app popularity that most developers only dream of achieving.

AppGratis' battle with Apple divides developer community

No matter what happens with AppGratis and Apple's App Store, developer opinion online is decidedly mixed about the tactics being taken by both sides.

Apple App Store should have had HTTPS encryption from the start, developers say

The fact Apple took at least six months to plug what many see as a major security hole in its App Store both shocked and appalled developers who took to social media to suggest consumers should expect more from the company.

Distimo: Very few new developers make it into the big leagues

Developers know the odds of breaking into the top ranks of app stores for newcomers can be pretty slim. Now, thanks to a recent research report, they know exactly how slim

iOS app store fail: Why one developer found itself unable to support customers

There's only one thing worse for an iOS developer than finding out from customers that their app no longer works: not being able to do anything about it. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Alex Zudin, and he's still not sure when he's going to get any answers.