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Latest Headlines

Apple clears App Store of some adult-themed apps

Apple is taking a stricter stance on adult-themed applications for the iPhone and iPod touch. According to numerous reports, Apple has removed an unspecified number of such apps from the App Store,

Booyah expands mobile gaming's horizons

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly more complex and closer to console gaming. FierceDeveloper's latest Developer Workshop profiles Booyah, which is combining social networking with gaming. In

AT&T strengthens smartphone portfolio, outlines app store and OS support

LAS VEGAS--AT&T Mobility President and CEO Ralph de la Vega used the company's annual mobile developer event to announce the company's four-pronged approach to strengthening its wireless

Tarver Games attacks App Store with 'Ghosts Attack'

Apple's App Store is teeming with games, so what sets Tarver Games apart from the slew of firms launching games for the application storefront? Its pedigree. FierceDeveloper's latest Developer

Video: Inside the Microsoft apps lab

Source: Microsoft's Windows Mobile team

What are this week's top-grossing iPhone apps?

With more than 75,000 applications in Apple's App Store, it's hard to keep track of what's new, what's hot and what the trends are in the top applications. FierceMobileContent has produced a list of

2 billions app downloads, but how do you monetize it?

Last week Apple announced downloads from its App Store exceeded the 2-billion mark, and the number of applications exceed 85,000. While those stats add up to an enormous addressable market for apps

Google: Apple rejected Google Voice app

Google said that Apple rejected its Google Voice application for the iPhone, contrary to Apple's statements last month to the FCC that it was still reviewing the offering. Google's assertion that

What are the top mobile applications of 2009?

The proliferation of application storefronts has spawned thousands of mobile applications that are incredibly useful--as well as those that seem to serve little to no point. How to cut through the

Video: Is there really an app for everything?

Source: Adam Thinks