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Latest Headlines

Distimo: Very few new developers make it into the big leagues

Developers know the odds of breaking into the top ranks of app stores for newcomers can be pretty slim. Now, thanks to a recent research report, they know exactly how slim

iOS app store fail: Why one developer found itself unable to support customers

There's only one thing worse for an iOS developer than finding out from customers that their app no longer works: not being able to do anything about it. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Alex Zudin, and he's still not sure when he's going to get any answers.

App Annie: App Store revenues grow 20% from Q3 to Q4

While Apple and Google continue to duke it out over app downloads and total revenue, at least one developer managed to pull off the kind of growth over the recent holiday season that most others only dream of achieving.

Distimo: Google Play revenue climbs 43%, Apple App Store jumps 21%

Android developers may be starting to catch up with their iOS counterparts in winning over customers, based on a global survey of app store activity over the last four months of 2012.

Fiksu: iPhone 5 effect was short-lived

Developers whose marketing costs were reduced thanks to the frenzy of interest amid the iPhone 5 launch should be warned: The honeymoon is over, according to a new report from mobile marketing platform provider Fiksu.

It's Apple's next million apps that matter

There's a moment in the film The Social Network, which now seems almost quaint, where Mark Zuckerberg and his staff joyously celebrate Facebook attracting its first one million members. If a similar scene took place inside Apple's headquarters last week, no one in the firm is talking about it.

With 700,000 apps, Google now in dead heat with Apple

With the addition of 25,000 Android applications to its Play storefront during the past month, Google now counts roughly the same number of smartphone applications--700,000--as rival Apple.

Is this the Ooomf app developers need to get noticed?

This fall is packed with new smartphone launches, including Apple's iPhone 5 and Nokia's latest Lumias, and there are plenty of devices for consumers to get excited about downloading new apps. Behind the scenes, however, the venture capital community has been quietly buzzing about a new firm focused on in-store discoverability.

TV makers add apps to make connected TVs smarter

It's not enough for a TV to be connected to the Internet, apparently; it also has to be connected to an App Store to guide viewers to content and services.

The inside story of how mobile app developers acquire new customers

Mobile app companies have a wide range of options when it comes to generating interest in--and downloads of--their smartphone apps. They can spread the word through Twitter and Facebook, they can generate publicity through press releases and news articles, and they can spend money to advertise their app.