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Latest Headlines

Only 29% of enterprise developers required to attend training, study shows

Few enterprises require their developers to attend training, certification programs or other continuing education, according to a study of over 100 enterprise developers conducted by nonprofit organization Application Developers Alliance (ADA).

Application Developers Alliance's Jake Ward on resolving 'disconnection' between devs, employers and media

The Application Developers Alliance serves asĀ "a non-profit global membership organization supporting developers as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs." But what does this mean? And how does the ADA support the app development community?

After a year, Application Developers Alliance counts 20,000 developers, 120 corporate members

Twelve months. More than 50 events. Some 20,000 developers. And about 120 corporate members. These are the statistics that make Jon Potter proud.

Mobile app transparency should be led by developers, not the government

There is a big difference between using a mobile app while you're out in public and having the personal information you've shared on that app let loose in the public domain. The sooner we all recognize that, the better.