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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry's finances better than expected, schedules Passport phone launch for September

BlackBerry posted quarterly financial results better than what some analysts had expected, pushing the company's stock up almost 14 percent in Wall Street trading this morning to around $9.43 per share. Further, the company said it recognized hardware revenue on 1.6 million BlackBerry smartphones in the quarter, up from 1.3 million in the previous quarter.

Why $10,000 isn't enough to buy BlackBerry developer loyalty

As if it wasn't difficult enough for BlackBerry to get more apps created for BB10, recent controversy over a botched developer contest probably will not help matters. The contest snafu is just another sign the company hasn't quite gotten its act together. 

Rating the iOS user experience: Does it stand out?

Developers compare platforms all the time, but France-based Pfeiffer Consulting recently decided to offer a benchmark-style evaluation of the five major mobile OSes to see how well iOS 7 ranked in terms of mobile user experience.

BlackBerry's uncertain future leaves app developers in limbo

For several years now, it's felt as though most developers had their eyes focused on Apple and Google, while BlackBerry was someone on the side, within their peripheral vision. Now I can't imagine the company is in their line of sight at all.

Developers shocked to learn that 40% of all BlackBerry apps are from same firm

Not many developers can claim they've created close to 50,000 apps, but after a recent scandal involving troubled smartphone provider BlackBerry, many of them probably wouldn't want to.

BlackBerry 10's app growth: Milestone or fiasco?

The former Research In Motion knew that when it launched BlackBerry 10 and the related device Z10, it was going to be all about the apps. Whether it has managed to satisfy potential developers and users is another matter.

Why gaming developers are embracing RIM's BlackBerry 10

FierceDeveloper talked with  gaming developers about why they are embracing Rsearch In Motion's BlackBerry 10. Special Report

Developer survey: iOS mindshare drops 5%, Android jumps 4%

Android and iOS may compete fiercely for developer attention, but those that don't create apps for either platform can expect to make half as much money as their peers, according to a recent research report.

3 gaming developers explain why they're supporting RIM's BB10 launch

BlackBerry 10 is a complete, QNX-based redesign of its aging BlackBerry operating system, and is geared toward reversing RIM's sliding sales numbers and rekindling interest in the company's devices and services. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins told a German newspaper he wants to have 70,000 apps in the company's BlackBerry app storefront for its launch.

RIM launches BlackBerry 10 pilot program with 120 enterprise, government customers

Research In Motion started sending out test versions of its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 software and pre-production BlackBerry 10 smartphones to a select group of 120 enterprise and government customers.