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Latest Headlines

It may take a larger app community to prevent the next 'Make Me Asian'

About this, at least, there can be little dispute: Google did the right thing in recently removing the  Make Me Asian  app from its Play store. What's more worthy of developer attention is the process by which it happened and how similarly controversial apps might be stopped before they reach distribution.

Why crowdsourcing firms see gold in mobile app ideas

Marcellus, NY.-based Applits LLC is gearing up to launch the first week of voting in what promises to be a monthly competition among an online community to choose the best of a series of submissions to its Web site. It is an example of crowdsourcing, a way of tapping into the collective wisdom of the crowd to create new products, services and breakthrough ideas.

SMS brings water and drugs

For all the hype over smartphones and tablets and apps and the cloud and LTE transforming the mobile landscape, the world is still primarily a feature-phone experience.