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Why indie developers need to focus on games and not becoming Disney

Mobile game developers nowadays are confronted with a crazy scene. Mobile has singlehandedly upended established business hierarchies, as well as patterns of development, distribution and monetization. Monster franchises like Deus Ex are releasing full games on mobile, and free-to-play is even being adopted by industry heavyweights like EA.  

Sencha: HTML5 could have worked for Facebook

At Sencha we build Web application frameworks that are used by millions of developers worldwide. Every day, we see our customers bring more and more amazing apps to market leveraging pure open Web technology. We'd seen firsthand what HTML5 was capable of, and we knew for a fact that Web technologies were not the reason why the Facebook app was sluggish.

Developers need to pay attention to wearable devices, big data and AI-integrated tools

In today's constantly evolving, app-saturated world, developers need to take note of trends and new technologies available to make their applications stand out from the noise. As mobile devices become smarter, faster and smaller, consumers will be expecting more and different things from their apps.

Apsalar: As apps pile up, developers should focus on app engagement metrics

Let's face it--monetizing a mobile app is no longer just about the download--it's about user engagement.   

Mobile networking: Where HTML5 falls short

In this article, I want to discuss an area where HTML5 does not meet the needs of mobile applications--networking. Networking has always been a passion of mine, and it led me to help create the SPDY protocol which is now a starting point for HTTP/2.0, the next revision of our core HTTP protocol that is used worldwide.

Understanding the myths about HTML5

The hype around HTML5 is loud and bountiful. At face value you would believe that HTML5 answers all the key dilemmas in the mobility app market: independence from the operating system; a coding environment that is already a common programming skill; and freedom from the pesky corporate security issues raised by iOS and Android.

Building your mobile app: Five tips to get it right

As you contemplate your opportunities in the mobile app development world, have the following tips in mind to help you realize your vision:

Microsoft's Surface makes cross-platform development easier

Quickly after Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablet, many experts began labeling it the next iPad killer. While it will certainly present a new challenge to Apple, we would be naïve to think the immensely popular iPad could fall behind in the tablet game it basically invented.

Integrating mobile with other platforms, devices

As developers, our first question when any new technology emerges is "How can we leverage this innovative device for original creations?" 

Augmented reality is finally ready for commercial success

Augmented reality became a mobile reality in late 2009. In truth, the concept for the technology has been around for much longer.