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Latest Headlines

Distimo: Games rule, but finance app category heats up

Games may continue to reign supreme as an app category, but the  finance category generated almost 71 percent more revenue on Google Play and 42 percent more revenue on the Apple App Store in February compared with January 2014, according to Distimo. 

Distimo: In-app purchases accounted for 79% of iOS revenue in January

The paid download model still has some life in it, but freemium apps with in-app purchases are now dominating the market and accounted for 79 percent of iOS app revenue this past January, according to Distimo. 

Distimo: Asia is where the big app money is made

Asia is the most lucrative app market in the world, according to a report released from Distimo. The mobile analytics firm extracted daily Apple App Store and Google Play downloads and revenue estimates from its AppIQ service's data for the analysis.

Yankee Group: In-app purchases- fool's gold or pay dirt?

The Web is full of headlines from Internet tech sites that claim almost all app store revenue now comes from in-app purchases within free apps. But like much of what appears on the Internet, it is necessary to take a closer look at the numbers to better understand the story.

Distimo: Google Play revenue grew 51% over the last six months

The growth of Google Play revenue over the course of 2013 should serve as a warning to Apple, according to Distimo. Distimo's Year in Review report looked at the top downloads by country, app business models and more. 

Distimo, MEF report says free apps with in-app purchases generate 'majority of revenue'

In-app purchases made in free apps are the primary way that developers make money in both of the world's major app stores, according to a report from Distimo and the MEF. The two organizations partnered on a new study of the revenue generated from smartphone apps on a global basis.

Distimo: Apple's App Store anniversary promotions didn't change app rankings

Apple's five-year App Store anniversary gift to consumers didn't necessarily pay off in terms of downloads, according to a recent report from Distimo. The analytics firm introduced a new monthly report which looks at the top apps across all major platforms and breaks down adoption by geography and top titles.

App Annie, Distimo enhance app store performance measurement

Two of the top companies focused on mobile analytics recently introduced, on the exact same day, services that could change the way app store performance is monitored over the next five years. For more on how App Annie and Distimo are changing the world of app store analytics, check out this FierceDeveloper special report.

App store analytics: How App Annie and Distimo are expanding measurement

When Apple's App Store celebrated its five-year anniversary last month, lots of stats, including the number of apps available and volume of downloads, were thrown around to show how the market for developers has grown. Then, a few weeks later, two of the top companies focused on mobile analytics introduced, on the exact same day, services that could change the way app store performance is monitored over the next five years.

Report pinpoints how many app downloads it takes to benefit from the 'ranking effect'

How many downloads do you need to enter the top charts in the major app stores, and how much revenue is required in order to obtain a top spot in the top grossing ranks? A new report from apps performance analyst company Distimo said this all depends onthe country an app is downloaded in and even the day of the week.