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Latest Headlines

Amazon to enable video downloads to Android phones with SD cards

In one of the bigger announcements yet relating to the downloading of mobile video, Amazon said it will start letting Prime Video customers, and those who buy movies and TV shows from its transactional platform, download the product to Android phone SD cards.

Netflix's product chief: Offline viewing offers consumers too much choice

Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt thinks Amazon Prime Video's seemingly innovative decision to offer customers a download option will do more harm to the rival subscription streaming service than good.

Amazon Prime enables video downloads for Android and Apple mobile devices, beats TVE to punch

Amazon has taken a major competitive leap forward in the area of mobile video, announcing a new feature that lets users of its SVOD Prime Video service download select movies and TV shows to Android and Apple mobile devices.

M-Go banks on supermarket sales of movie-download gift cards

DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor-backed M-Go is hoping retail shoppers will buy title-specific gift cards redeemable for HD movie downloads. The cards will be sold at some 300 grocery stores in California, Nevada, Ohio and Texas and, later this month, online.

YouTube to add download-like feature

YouTube will add a feature that lets viewers watch videos they've "added" to their device even when they're not connected to the Internet. In other words, official downloads are coming to YouTube.

Could downloads kill 4K online?

If the TV set makers get their way, we will soon own "Ultra HD" or "4K" displays. These new TV sets, which have four times the resolution of today's top-of-the-line 1080p sets, are supposedly so breathtakingly amazing, we'll all want one on our walls.

Flurry: 1.76B apps downloaded during the holidays

A record-breaking period of app downloads over the recent holiday season is just the beginning of a gift to developers that will keep on giving, according to a market research study.

iOS customers download 49.5 million apps per day

Customers who obtain digital products from theĀ iTunes store are downloading mobile applications at a rate that is more than four times faster than the download rates for other iTunes content, such as songs and books.

Why is customer engagement important? 41 apps per smartphone

One of the fundamental challenges developers face every day is competition for consumer attention and loyalty. First, developers must get their apps discovered in an app store. Then, after

How do you measure the success of an app? Customer engagement is key

How do you measure the success of a mobile app? At one time counting downloads was a sufficient way to evaluate the success of an app, but that's no longer the case. Download numbers do not