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Latest Headlines

How mobile game developers can make a play for the enterprise gamification market

For developers, "gamification"--where game-like elements are introduced to what are traditionally non-gaming activities--may become a lucrative sideline. Some already specialize in this area, though it may mean learning some new skills and getting a handle on a very different breed of customer.

Report: Nearly half of enterprise apps stalled by UI disputes

Nearly 50 percent of enterprise app developers say their organizations fail to lock down user interface within an agreed upon timeframe, adding huge challenges to getting them done, according to a recent report from Kony.

Report: 75% of people using apps at work are happy workers

Seventy-five percent of people in the U.S. and Canada who use apps at work are happy in their jobs, according to a report from Softchoice. The managed services firm, which sells apps via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, gathered responses from 1,000 professionals for its research.

Microservices architecture: The need-to-know approach for enterprise app developers

Indie developers who work on mobile games and other consumer apps might sometimes wish they had the resources to act more like large companies, but those on the enterprise app side are beginning to adopt an approach to programming that looks a little more like the smaller, iterative approach of a one-person shop.

Developers increasingly turn to enterprise apps to make money

Developers, who are often struggling to make significant revenue based on apps they make while moonlighting, are considering enterprise apps as a monetization strategy beyond in-app purchases, in-app advertising or putting a price on their consumer apps.

5 tips consumer app developers can learn from their enterprise counterparts

Enterprise and consumer apps vary in many respects, but developers from both the enterprise and consumer side of the business could greatly benefit from some of the best practices of the other group.

Enterprise apps will become a big part of IT outsourcing

Busy mobile developers are probably used to stretching themselves a little thin, which could make them great candidates to join "the elastic workforce." But what does that mean and why should developers care?

Survey: iOS will win the enterprise market

Mobile developers are turning their attentions to the enterprise, and they're bringing iOS along with it.

Study: 74 percent of developers that make specialized apps prefer paid apps over free apps

According to a study by Evans Data Group that surveyed developers that use app stores to distribute their apps, 74 percent of those making specialized apps for commercial ISVs prefer paid apps over free apps.