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Latest Headlines

Evans Data: These are the biggest 'time sinks' for app developers

Releasing and submitting what they create to app stores takes up the least amount of time for developers, according to a recent survey released by Evans Data Corp. The company fielded responses from more than 400 developers in multiple languages as part of its research.

Study: Demand for cloud applications is growing for both consumers, enterprises

Cloud computing holds a lot of appeal for both consumers and enterprises as it allows data and business functions to be accessed from anywhere. 

Study: 74 percent of developers that make specialized apps prefer paid apps over free apps

According to a study by Evans Data Group that surveyed developers that use app stores to distribute their apps, 74 percent of those making specialized apps for commercial ISVs prefer paid apps over free apps.

Evans Data: Developers do not trust mobile client and cloud security

Developers in North America don't put a lot of trust in the cloud and mobile clients and this could be impacting product innovation. According to new survey conducted by Evans Data Corp., developers

Evans Data: Developers are moving away from native platforms for app development

Mobile developers in North America are steadily increasing their use of Web technologies and steadily decreasing their use of native platforms when working on mobile apps. In fact, new research from...

Making money in mobile apps isn't easy: Majority of app developers are moonlighters

Mobile applications have a central place in the wireless industry but despite their pivotal role, most developers who create these apps find it very difficult to succeed in this business and even