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Latest Headlines

Flurry: App downloads still spike at Christmas, but growth slows

It's become as predictable as turkey and mashed potatoes on Christmas Day: device activations spike, followed by a corresponding rise in app download volumes. According to the latest report from Flurry, however, developers may not want to count on the holiday season as a long-term engagement strategy.

Flurry: More developers with 1M monthly active users than ever before

We usually hear about the staggering growth stats of major apps from Facebook and Snapchat, but recently released data from Flurry indicates there's hope for developers who dream of amassing millions of monthly active users.

AppNation: App economy will double to $151B by 2017

Over the next four years, money flowing through mobile apps will reach $151 billion, or double the amount today, according to the first report published by AppNation. The conference producer surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers and aggregated data from Flurry and others as part of its research.

Flurry data on paid iOS app decline doesn't surprise developers

The best things in life are free, and for the most part that includes mobile apps, according to a recent research report from Flurry. Last week, the analytics firm released a study that showed a sharp drop in the willingness of consumers to pay for downloads, partly in the iOS market, where 90 percent of the top apps are free.

Flurry: iOS app activity continues to dominate, but Android makes headway in emerging markets

The battle for smartphone market share between Apple and Google may not be all it seems, based on some recently published research from Flurry. The San Francisco-based mobile app analytics firm said it examined four years' worth of iOS and Android mobile ownership.

As game app makers search for more analytics, vendors rush in

All Lee Jacobson wanted was some answers--even if they were expensive to obtain--that would improve the games Atari was putting out. Instead, he felt like he was blind.

Why there's (rarely) such a thing as overnight app success

We all know about the American dream and the aspirations it has fuelled across generations of people who have worked their way up from nothing to become successful. More recently, however, there's a variation on this theme that has begun to permeate the wider culture, and which may have a less positive effect. I call it the Appreneur dream.

Report: Games, social networking dominate 79% of consumers' total app time

As goes Facebook, so goes the growth of the broader mobile app industry, according to a recent report from Flurry.

Appboy, Flurry, Kii help developers segment customers for better retention

Instead of viewing customers as just part of the mass market, new developer tools help highlight individuals with unique needs, expectations, tastes and potential for engagement. While most developers don't have the technology or manpower to deal with people on a one-on-one basis, they may be able to sort users in a more knowledgeable way. This, in a nutshell, is mobile app audience segmentation, and it's an industry segment that's likely to mature significantly in the next few years.

Flurry: 1.76B apps downloaded during the holidays

A record-breaking period of app downloads over the recent holiday season is just the beginning of a gift to developers that will keep on giving, according to a market research study.