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Latest Headlines

AT&T's Drive Studio lets the carrier test the connected cars of the future

ATLANTA--In a nondescript parking garage here, past a set of locked white doors, is AT&T Mobility's Drive Studio, its showcase for connected car technologies. Conceived in 2013 and opened in January 2014, Drive Studio serves as a test bed for AT&T and its partners to tinker on real cars.

In-car app market may be ready for test drive

Get in the car. Fasten your seatbelt. Turn on the ignition. Choose an app.  That last step may not be typical for the average driver today, but mobile and auto industry experts are suggesting that after a long gestation period, the market for in-car apps is finally about to take off. There is still some question, however, of how many independent app developers will be along for the ride.

Glympse goes social with its expanded location sharing app

Most location-based mobile social applications have lost their way. Glympse is an exception to the trend. Instead of building a user experience dependent on check-ins, badges and broadcasting updates to the world at large, Glympse introduced streamlined, one-click capabilities enabling users to privately update friends, family and colleagues on their whereabouts and activities in real-time, for as long (or short) a period as they wish.  FD  contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to Trussel, Glympse's CEO, about the app's longevity, its latest enhancements and the importance of keeping it simple.