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Latest Headlines

Developers rank Android first among platforms, study shows

A new survey of more than 1,000 app developers conducted by mobile advertising platform provider Inmobi Insights revealed Android was the top platform used by developers.

Comcast promises to support third-party HTML5 apps on its X1 platform

Comcast said it is working to support HTML5 apps from third-party vendors on its X1 platform. The company currently supports a handful of third-party services on its X1-- such as games from EA-- but the company said that adding HTML5 support to X1 will allow it to "support a wider range of third-party apps."

Developers explain how Facebook's React Native will change their approach to native apps

You can get a lot of great free stuff at a technology conference--T-shirts, food, USB sticks--but Facebook really upped the ante when it offered the source code to its React Native framework earlier this year.

The HTML5 opportunity app developers may be overlooking

There have been all kinds of words used to play PuzzleSocial's mobile games, but even if "HTML5" has never been one of them, it may still be the clue that helps Jeb Balise discover the best way to promote his app studio's products. Balise, who is based in New York and is probably best known for Crosswords for Facebook and more recently Daily Celebrity Crossword, is among those experimenting with an approach to create "light" versions of his titles on HTML5.

Gartner vice president on mobile tech top 10 trends

Organizations wishing to unlock the full potential of mobility must master a wide range of technologies and skills, many of which are unfamiliar to IT staff. In today's blog post, Nick Jones,...

How devs are responding to Amazon's HTML5 monetization move

There are still some questions about whether HTML5 apps are the way of the future or just a problem to avoid, but Amazon is making at least one aspect of it a little easier: monetization. 

Gartner: Mobile ads eating into traditional spend in Western Europe

Gartner has forecast a near $5 billion (€3.6 billion) year-on-year rise in global mobile advertising spend in 2014, with Western Europe expected to enjoy steady growth as more advertisers turn to the mobile channel.

HTML5 in 2014: Is it time for a comeback?

"When we started using HTML5 we had a ton of naysayers saying it's not going to work, that native will win. We just stuck to our guns and our belief was that over the next couple of years, the mobile browser will get stronger, devices would get stronger, and we saw exactly that happen."

TiVo to integrate Opera software into devices

TiVo said it will integrate Opera software into its devices, opening up the world of HTML5 TV apps to its cable operator customers and its consumers.

South Korea's KT starts HTML5-based IPTV service

South Korean IPTV provider KT has launched an HTML-based IPTV service that makes its content available both on traditional set-top boxes and other consumer devices ranging from PCs to smartphones and tablets, the carrier said in a press release issued by technology partner Alticast.