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Latest Headlines

Digisocial's audio-enabled sharing app proves privacy is not dead

Digisocial Vice President Marco Mereu spoke to FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny about improving the social sharing experience, the value of voice and the importance of standing out from the pack.

Developer survey: iOS mindshare drops 5%, Android jumps 4%

Android and iOS may compete fiercely for developer attention, but those that don't create apps for either platform can expect to make half as much money as their peers, according to a recent research report.

Analyst: Windows Phone sees strong growth in the UK and Italy

While Google's Android platform continues to hold the top spot in key world markets, Microsoft's Windows Phone is experiencing strong European growth, according to new research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

AT&T extends FaceTime use over cellular to tiered-data customers

AT&T Mobility announced it will expand access to Apple's FaceTime over cellular to customers on tiered data plans at no additional cost. Previously, the videochatting service was limited to AT&T's iOS users with an AT&T Mobile Share plan or LTE-capable devices.

Fiksu: iPhone 5 effect was short-lived

Developers whose marketing costs were reduced thanks to the frenzy of interest amid the iPhone 5 launch should be warned: The honeymoon is over, according to a new report from mobile marketing platform provider Fiksu.

Photo app PicsArt expands its focus from Android to iOS

FierceDeveloper  contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to PicsArt co-founder and CTO Arto Mehrabyan about the app's success on Android, its expansion to iOS and the importance of giving the people what they want.

The FaceTime open standard that never happened

These were Steve Jobs' exact words, spoken almost three years ago at Apple's 2010 Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco: "We're going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we're going to make FaceTime an open industry standard." Although a lot has happened since then--Jobs' passing, a number of new iPads, iPhones and iOS updates--it is a promise that seems unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon.

Apple's Cook opens up on product philosophy, Forstall's firing

Apple CEO Tim Cook granted an extensive interview to  Bloomberg BusinessWeek  in which he described in detail his management philosophy, his views on Apple's products, concerns about the labor practices of company's supplier Foxconn and a host of other issues.

Analyst: iPhone 5 helps Apple gain market share in Europe

Apple's iPhone 5 is helping the company to grow its market share in Europe, with the company's iOS gaining ground in four of the five major European countries, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Learn about the 10 essential productivity apps for Android, iOS

What are some of the best productivity apps, both in terms on innovation and simplifying the life of the user?  Special feature.