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Apple targets enterprises with iOS 7

Apple is due to laun

Apps That Inspire Me: Developers share their favorite downloads

Consumers show their preferences by what they download from app stores, but what resonates with other developers is not always as easy to identify. With that in mind,  FierceDeveloper  recently reached out to entrepreneurs across the country and asked them to pick a few titles that set the standard for excellence. This is what they told us.

IDC: Apple's share of smartphone market dips to 13.2% ahead of new iPhone

Research firm IDC found that Apple's share of the smartphone market decreased from 16.6 percent a year ago to 13.2 percent in the second quarter of this year, a decline the firm attributed to the fact that Apple hasn't released a new iPhone in close to a year.

ITC iPad ban overturned

The Obama administration has vetoed a US ITC decision ordering an import ban on some older iPhone and iPad models, citing concerns over the potential impact on competition.  

App Annie: Google Play gets downloads, but Apple App Store generates the revenue

Google Play may have dethroned Apple's App Store in terms of downloads, but developers focused on monetization may want to stick with iOS, based on the App Annie Market Index Q2 2013. Released last week, the report examines downloads and revenues across stores, countries and app categories.

The secret message for app developers in Apple's latest ads

Maybe enhancing every life an app touches sounds a bit grandiose for a developer who would be content with merely entertaining, and there's nothing wrong with entertaining. But Apple's message is more about being intentional with your objective than the objective itself.

@Walmart Labs' Tim Kimmet talks what's in store for mobile shoppers

FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny talked to Tim Kimmet, @Walmart Labs' vice president of platform and systems, about the company's technological ambitions, its expanding mobile initiatives and giving the people what they want.

71% of developers pick Android as their top platform

Android and iOS may have captured the majority of developer mindshare, but platform diversification is more important than ever before, according to the Developer Economics Q3 report recently published by Vision Mobile.

Why Android fragmentation matters

Android is and in my opinion will remain the dominant mobile OS for some time to come. As of the first quarter of 2013 roughly three out of every smartphones shipped was an Android device.

The cross-platform choice developers can't avoid

I've never actually seen a research study that proves it, but I've always assumed that developers' choice of platform for their apps is driven, initially at least, by a single factor: the smartphone they're carrying in their pocket.