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Latest Headlines

Facebook's Parse acquistion provokes few developer 'likes'

When a startup gets acquired by a much larger vendor, it's usually cause for celebration, at least internally. However the purchase of mobile back-end platform provider Parse by Facebook led to a less-than-friendly response by a number of its customers on social media.

Distimo: In-app purchases pay off for iOS developers

Keep iOS apps free but offer some opportunities for consumers to open their wallets once they're engaged: that sums up the main takeaways from Distimo's recent research report: "How The Most Successful Apps Monetize Their User Base." The Netherlands-based company, which provides an app store analytics tool, looked at the highest-grossing 250 apps in Apple's App Store in February that have been released in the last year.

MapQuest continues expanding turn-by-turn apps, fueled by Apple's endorsement

AOL-owned MapQuest's real-time traffic coverage now spans more than 200,000 miles of roadways across North America--its mobile apps also deliver walking directions, simplified search for restaurants, gas stations and related destinations, and other traveler tools. FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to MapQuest General Manager Brian McMahon and Head of Mobile Engineering Ty Beltramo about the updated app, building for iOS and Android and the evolving definition of what it means to be a successful developer.

PointGrab, Fleksy and others wave gesture-app SDK opportunities in front of developers

Gesture-based, human-computer interaction could change the way consumers engage with their devices. Indeed, ABI Research estimated that 27 million mobile devices shipped in 2012 have gesture-recognition technology. The figure is expected to balloon to 600 million smartphones by 2017. And n ot surprisingly, developers are already being offered an array of tools that could allow them to install similar capabilities inside their apps--whether they'll take advantage of them is another matter.

Report: Games, social networking dominate 79% of consumers' total app time

As goes Facebook, so goes the growth of the broader mobile app industry, according to a recent report from Flurry.

TweetDeck app kill-off leaves developers mourning

No one likes to see an app die, but when it's a series of apps that are tied into one of the world's most popular social networking services, it came as no surprise that app developers were very unhappy with Twitter's recent announcements about TweetDeck.

Gogo says Apple devices dominate in-flight connectivity

Nearly 85 percent of devices used to connect to the Internet via Gogo's in-flight network carry Apple's iOS operating system, while a paltry 16 percent are equipped with Google's Android OS, according to data released by Gogo.

ABI tips Android to dominate app downloads

Android will account for an estimated 58% of the 56 billion smartphone apps that will be downloaded in 2013, ABI Research predicts.   Apple's iOS, which famously maintain

Apple's $100M settlement over kids' use of IAPs sparks online outrage

As developers continue to weigh the pros and cons of offering in-app purchasing in the mobile games they create, Apple's decision to settle a class-action lawsuit over the use of IAPs by children for $100 million sparked considerable disagreement across social media about how well consumers understand the way they work.

Tizen generating early momentum among developers

Tizen made a high-profile impact last week at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, with Samsung and Intel discussing the platform and France's telecom arm, Orange, committing to launching Tizen-based phones later this year. A key area, however, will be reaching out to developers and convincing them that Tizen has the potential to compete with the likes of Google's Android, to which it is often compared, and Apple's iOS.