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Latest Headlines

Apple's Cook opens up on product philosophy, Forstall's firing

Apple CEO Tim Cook granted an extensive interview to  Bloomberg BusinessWeek  in which he described in detail his management philosophy, his views on Apple's products, concerns about the labor practices of company's supplier Foxconn and a host of other issues.

Analyst: iPhone 5 helps Apple gain market share in Europe

Apple's iPhone 5 is helping the company to grow its market share in Europe, with the company's iOS gaining ground in four of the five major European countries, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Learn about the 10 essential productivity apps for Android, iOS

What are some of the best productivity apps, both in terms on innovation and simplifying the life of the user?  Special feature.

Analyst: Windows Phone poised to overtake RIM in Europe

Burgeoning sales of low-end Nokia devices are helping Microsoft's Windows Phone platform to challenge BlackBerry maker Research In Motion for third place in Europe's rankings, according to data collected by research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Apple's mapping fiasco is trivial, its future is not

The poor quality of Apple Maps app shouldn't be gaining the media traction it has.The real test for Apple and its executive team will be their ability to develop and launch products in the next few years that supersede the iPhone and iPad. A tough call, but a true measure.

PayDragon's revamped m-commerce app lets shoppers skip the supermarket

PayDragon is a different breed of mobile payment application. A new Checkout feature enables consumers to buy snacks, household goods and other non-perishable goods from their home, office or wherever they are, without ever stepping foot inside their local store. See this  FierceDeveloper   special report.

Is this the Ooomf app developers need to get noticed?

This fall is packed with new smartphone launches, including Apple's iPhone 5 and Nokia's latest Lumias, and there are plenty of devices for consumers to get excited about downloading new apps. Behind the scenes, however, the venture capital community has been quietly buzzing about a new firm focused on in-store discoverability.

Rumor Mill: iPhone 5 will support global LTE bands, China's TD-SCDMA

Apple's next iPhone, expected to be announced on Wednesday, will support multiple LTE bands for worldwide service and possibly China's TD-SCDMA 3G standard, according to various reports.

Who's watching your smartphone?

Last night hacktivist group Antisec released one million and one Apple iOS IDs, device names and push notification tokens it claims were taken from an FBI laptop.   Antis

FaceTime's impact looms over operators

There is a plethora of opinions regarding the pending impact Apple's FaceTime application will have on cellular networks once the iPhone 5 is released, but operators would probably be wise to pay close attention to any related data crunches generated by the video-chat app.