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Latest Headlines

Apple crushes expectations with 43.7M iPhone sales

Apple easily beat analysts' expectations for iPhone sales in its most recent quarter, delivering 43.7 million iPhone unit sales. However, the company's iPad sales fell below analysts' expectations, and were lower than Apple's iPad sales in the year-ago period.

Microsoft unveils Office for iPad as Nadella outlines vision for cloud and mobile

Microsoft announced that its Office suite will finally come to Apple's iPad. More broadly, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella used his first large public address as CEO to talk about his vision for a "mobile first cloud first" world.

Apple releases cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c- but not yet for U.S. market

Apple released a cheaper 8 GB iPhone 5c in its European online stores, but the gadget is not yet available online in the U.S. Apple also re-released its fourth-generation iPad tablet, which replaces the older iPad 2.

IDC cuts tablet growth rate forecast for 2014, cites maturing market

Research firm IDC thinks the tablet market will grow in 2014 compared to 2013 but at a slower pace than it previously forecasted, with a maturing market, stabilizing prices and a decline in low-cost tablets all contributing to the weaker growth.

Apple's curved glass patent and the shape of iOS apps to come

Stop dreaming about a curved glass iPhone. Just stop. As much as Apple's latest patent may tempt developers otherwise, that's not the thing they should be focused on.

Orr: A unique cycle of product success places Apple's iPad at a fork in the road

Every mobile device vendor wishes in one way or another that it were Apple. The company has succeeded by delivering a complete hardware and content experience with its devices for nearly 20 years along with an attractive brand promise that make consumers wait in line to buy products sight unseen. How many times can Apple repeat this pattern and what level of success is its iPad tablet brand likely to see?

Apple sells 33.8M iPhones in record quarter

Apple sold 33.8 million iPhones in its most recent quarter, slightly above a consensus of analysts and a record for the company's September quarter. Apple also posted quarterly revenue of $37.5 billion and quarterly net profit of $7.5 billion in its fiscal fourth quarter. Overall, Apple's gross margin was 37 percent, compared to 40 percent in the year-ago quarter.

Analysts: Apple's iPhone sales likely to top last year- but by how much?

Apple reports its fiscal fourth-quarter results after the market closes today, and all eyes will be on how the company's iPhone business is doing, and to a lesser extent, how well its iPad tablet sales have held up.

Microsoft's Frank Shaw draws developer heckling over iWork post

Microsoft's corporate VP of communications managed to generate more reaction than anything the company launched last week when he penned a blog post in reaction to Apple's decision to drop fees for its iWork suite of apps.

LTE pricing: What's 1 MB of mobile data really worth?

While T-Mobile's "free data" for tablets strategy is smart, it does make me wonder about the overall message wireless carriers are sending to consumers about LTE data and its value in the market. There's a huge discrepancy in the pricing of LTE data among the operators with some offering free data and others charging a premium.