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Latest Headlines

Apple posts 23 percent drop in iPhone revenue

Apple once again pointed to growing revenue from services as it posted a second straight quarter of falling iPhone sales. But shares rose in after-hours trading Tuesday as the company beat expectations in some key areas.

Apple's WWDC likely to focus on software rather than gadgetry

Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) often focuses on hardware as the company uses its spotlight to showcase its latest new gadgets. But this year's event, which kicks off Monday, will almost surely center on software and services.

Wireless carriers enjoying increased percentage of iPhone sales- at Apple's expense

U.S. consumers are increasingly buying iPhones from carriers or other retailers rather than Apple, according to a new report obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

Are app developers ready for the latest Apple devices?

Apple last week unveiled two devices that may transform the way many iOS app developers design iPad and iPhone offerings. But the changes raise questions about how these developers can deliver user-friendly apps on smaller screens.

Apple targeting $399 iPhone SE at non-Apple users and small phone fans

Apple announced a new, 4-inch iPhone with a price tag aimed at enticing Android users to make the switch and current iPhone users to buy a newer model.

Apple expected to go small at Monday's big event with 4-inch iPhone SE

Apple is hosting yet another "big event" Monday, but the company is widely expected to go small.

Back to the future: Apple debunks Jan. 1, 1970 iOS device bug, says it's actually May 1

Jan. 1, 1970 is a day that lives in infamy for many iOS users. Although some users claimed setting the date on an iOS device to this date would provide access to Easter eggs, Apple said doing so can "brick" an iPad or iPhone.

With iPhone sales expected to fall for the first time ever, Apple touts services revenue

Apple enjoyed yet another record quarter for iPhone sales, and its quarterly profits and earnings per share easily beat Wall Street estimates. But sales growth for the smartphone maker appears to have plateaued, and iPhone unit sales are expected to fall for the first time during the current quarter.

The real iPad Pro problems Apple (and maybe even developers) may be overlooking

I think there's almost a collective feeling of embarrassment when an Apple product flops. Isn't this supposed to be the company that can do no wrong? Well, there was the Apple Cube, the Xserve enterprise gear and a few other misses, but the case of the iPad Pro-- whose fate is still up in the air, I should add-- may be a bit unique.

AT&T testing NumberSync technology on iPhones, other iOS gadgets

Soon AT&T Mobility customers will be able to receive a call on their Apple Watch even if they don't have their iPhone nearby. The carrier is trialing its "NumberSync" technology in the latest beta version of iOS. The technology lets customers share their primary phone number with other connected devices even if their phone isn't connected to a cellular network.