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Latest Headlines

What Foursquare's future could tell developers about their own

I cannot be the only person for whom the term "pivot" is starting to sound less a startup reinventing itself and more like an admission of failure. And yes, Foursquare, I'm talking about you. 

Apple iBeacon vs. NFC: Where location-based apps are headed

The idea of location-based services in a retail environment has been around for a while, but iBeacons' use of the Bluetooth LE standard means apps may soon be able to take advantage of indoor or "micro-location" scenarios. This could include not only use cases in stores, but also in museum displays, trail markers in parks, or even in the home. It could also represent Apple's response to those who have wondered if the company would ever adopt Near Field Communications technology in iPhones.

Sidecar motors forward with revamped ride-sharing app for iOS, Android

Sidecar co-founder and CTO Jahan Khanna spoke to  FierceDeveloper  contributor Jason Ankeny about the retooled app, building for iOS and Android and the pressures of designing an app while grappling with legislative interference.

The top Google I/O 2013 rumor: A Google Maps overhaul

After attending Google I/O in San Francisco next week, many developers may be inspired to give some of their existing Android apps an overhaul. According to a wide variety of media reports, Google is already doing something similar with its Google Maps.

Finally! Placed offers a privacy-first approach to mobile app monetization

When I first heard about the idea I was immediately suspicious: A company that is offering to mine developers' user data for cash by collecting location information for "market research purposes?" This had the makings of a class-action lawsuit if ever I heard of one, and it would be up to me to expose this nefarious scheme for what it was.

MapQuest continues expanding turn-by-turn apps, fueled by Apple's endorsement

AOL-owned MapQuest's real-time traffic coverage now spans more than 200,000 miles of roadways across North America--its mobile apps also deliver walking directions, simplified search for restaurants, gas stations and related destinations, and other traveler tools. FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to MapQuest General Manager Brian McMahon and Head of Mobile Engineering Ty Beltramo about the updated app, building for iOS and Android and the evolving definition of what it means to be a successful developer.

The stalking apps bill raises questions all developers should answer

When he was a writer and performer on Saturday Night Live, Al Franken knew how to turn hot-button political issues into big laughs. Now that he's a senator, however, he's tackling those same issues in a serious manner.

Glympse goes social with its expanded location sharing app

Most location-based mobile social applications have lost their way. Glympse is an exception to the trend. Instead of building a user experience dependent on check-ins, badges and broadcasting updates to the world at large, Glympse introduced streamlined, one-click capabilities enabling users to privately update friends, family and colleagues on their whereabouts and activities in real-time, for as long (or short) a period as they wish.  FD  contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to Trussel, Glympse's CEO, about the app's longevity, its latest enhancements and the importance of keeping it simple.

Google reduces its fees for mapping APIs as competition intensifies

Mapping solutions are undergoing dramatic changes and developers that incorporate mapping into their apps will need to pay attention to the changes in this ecosystem because it could affect their application planning and development strategies in the months to come.

WhosHere evolves social discovery app with video chat feature

Developer Workshop is a series of profiles exploring the current state of the mobile marketplace from the point of view of the software developers mapping out its future. This month, Jason Ankeny talks to WhosHere co-founder/CEO Bryant Harris and co-founder/COO Stephen Smith.