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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's Wand Labs acquisition underscores its continued mobile ambitions

Microsoft announced this week that it acquired Wand Labs, a startup that develops messaging apps as well as technology to enable those apps to act more intelligently. The companies didn't disclose terms of the deal.

Remedy, Next Games and Seriously dish on what it takes to build off of a movie or TV franchise

In this  FierceDeveloper  special report, experts from Remedy, Next Games and Seriously discuss what it takes to build off of a movie or TV franchise-- or to start one of your own.  Special report

Kik leads the way in using data to improve retention and more for apps

Messaging app Kik used corny dad-jokes (i.e. "What animal do you never want to play games with? A cheetah!") as part of a special Father's Day-themed experiment with a portion of its user base. Speaking at the recent Decode event in Toronto hosted by marketing analytics firm App Annie, Ronalda Clifton, Kik's head of insights, said it was just one of the ways she and her team are using data to create a solid action plan to improve Kik's overall performance.  Special report

Should developers create free or 'premium' mobile games?

Charging for installs may also be one of the easiest ways to track revenue for mobile game developers. The question remains: How do you get people to pay?  Special report

Apple removes apps affected by 'XcodeGhost' malware after App Store is hacked

Apple's App Store finally got hacked. The iPhone maker said it is taking steps to clean up the App Store after several cyber security firms reported finding a malicious program called XcodeGhost that was embedded in hundreds of legitimate applications, according to  Reuters. The hackers used the Xcode tool that iOS developer use and modified it to place the malware code into apps in the first large-scale attack on the App Store. 

Apple's Cook: We're 'looking at' letting iPhone users delete default apps

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company may eventually let iPhone customers delete applications Apple places on the phones by default, like Compass, Stocks, Podcasts and Tips.

Will 'playable data' bring real-world context and change the mobile gaming experience?

What if information from the real world could change or alter what happens in a mobile game on a consumer's smartphone in real time? It's a concept called "playable data," which could bring in news, weather, stocks or a host of other information that could influence what happens on a touchscreen.  Special report

BlackBerry's Chen acknowledges need for more apps as rumored Android phone appears in new leaked photos

BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted that his company's smartphones still do not give customers access to enough apps to be competitive with Apple's iPhones or those running Google's Android platform. And while Chen stopped short of confirming that the company is producing a phone running on Android, new photos of the rumored gadget popped up online.  

What are AT&T, Apple and Intel doing to get more women into mobile development?

While exact numbers are almost impossible to nail down, industry women are pointing to an increase in the number of women in developing and the opportunities offered to them, thanks in large part to women-oriented programs at a growing list of major companies, including AT&T, Intel and Apple.  Special report

Kwicr study: U.S. LTE speeds in the middle of the pack

The United States may be among the leaders in terms of LTE network coverage and subscribers but in terms of mean throughput, the country is squarely in the middle of the pack, at least according to a new report from Kwicr (a 2015 Fierce 15 winner).