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Latest Headlines

Tapjoy, AppEngage work with developers to increase in-app engagement

How can developers get more consumers to spend money inside a mobile game?  A few companies are working with developers to help make that happen.  Special report

Sprint partners with Facebook to promote its 'Framily' plans via new app

Sprint worked with Facebook to develop a Facebook application that lets customers invite friends on Facebook to join a Sprint "Framily" group plan. The collaboration is novel and an indication that Sprint is putting a great deal of emphasis on the plans, which were unveiled in January.

Quixey looks to reinvent mobile search

BARCELONA, Spain--Mobile application discovery service Quixey (a 2013 Fierce 15 winner) is making a dramatic update to its "Functional Search" service, with the intention of redefining mobile search as smartphones, apps and the Web continue to evolve.

NSA, GCHQ target 'leaky' apps to gather data on smartphone users, according to Snowden leak

The National Security Agency and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, have been targeting smartphone applications as part of a years-long surveillance effort to gather data such as a smartphone users' locations and the unique identifying characteristics of their phones, according to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Gartner: Wearables, Internet of Things will hasten personalized data sharing

Mobile applications are largely confined to smartphones and tablets right now. However, over the next few years the expected proliferation of wearable computing devices such as watches, wristbands and headphones, as well as Internet-connected appliances, will spur a major surge in the amount of personal data people share via apps, according to a new report from research firm Gartner.

How deep linking could change the way we click inside apps

Over the last year, a number of firms started to launch deep-linking services that will send users who click on a banner or a link not only to the app itself, but to a specific location within an app. For consumers, that means it would be faster to make a transaction on a mobile commerce app, for instance, or to see content specific to a certain level of a mobile game. Special report.

Infonetics: Why the enterprise and SMB market is operators' 'happily ever after'

At the end of the day, business services are admittedly less "sexy" than consumer apps, but may well represent the better opportunity for operators to generate revenue and remain relevant going forward, and provide them with the "happily ever after" they're looking for.

Ericsson: Biometric smartphones could become mainstream in 2014

Ericsson said its ConsumerLab survey found that 52 per cent of smartphone users want to use their fingerprints instead of passwords and 48 per cent are interested in using eye-recognition to unlock their screen.

Looking beyond Apple and Google for the ultimate mobile app discovery service

Apple and Google are taking steps to improve application discoverability in their respective app stores, including a new search function from Apple that tries to make a more educated guess at what smartphone owners might be looking for. However, there are still plenty of third party app discovery services and app search firms that hope to make finding apps even easier. Special report

Samsung quietly makes push for Tizen at its developer conference

Samsung Electronics welcomed application developers to San Francisco on Monday for its first-ever Developer Conference, and although the company is a behemoth in the Android smartphone and tablet markets, it has been quietly making a push for another platform it supports: Tizen.