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Latest Headlines

What are AT&T, Apple and Intel doing to get more women into mobile development?

While exact numbers are almost impossible to nail down, industry women are pointing to an increase in the number of women in developing and the opportunities offered to them, thanks in large part to women-oriented programs at a growing list of major companies, including AT&T, Intel and Apple.  Special report

Kwicr study: U.S. LTE speeds in the middle of the pack

The United States may be among the leaders in terms of LTE network coverage and subscribers but in terms of mean throughput, the country is squarely in the middle of the pack, at least according to a new report from Kwicr (a 2015 Fierce 15 winner).  

Developers should consider targeting SMBs for apps, not large enterprises

Small- and medium-sized businesses may be a lot more approachable than large enterprises, and more willing to work with indie developers who have a proven portfolio of consumer apps.  Special report

Yahoo exec dishes on the future of Flurry and Yahoo's place in mobile

To get a sense of where Yahoo is heading with its app developer program,  FierceDeveloper  recently chatted with Jarah Euston, vice president of analytics and marketing with Flurry.  Hot Seat

Google likely to use I/O conference to debut Android M, enterprise and cloud messaging updates

Google will kick off its I/O developer conference on May 28 with a keynote from Sundar Pichai, the company's senior vice president of products, and he will likely unveil the next version of Google's Android software, Android M. According to the schedule the company released for the conference, the search giant will also be debuting new features related to enterprise mobility and cloud messaging.

App Annie snaps up mobile measurement firm Mobidia

Mobile analytics firm App Annie acquired mobile measurement company Mobidia in a cash and stock deal.

Twilio aims to let developers add video calling to any app

Twilio (a 2014 Fierce 15 winner) is adding video capabilities to its cloud-based communications platform, giving enterprises and developers the ability to add live video calling to any application.

Facebook open-sources tool to let developers test apps on 2G, 3G and LTE network conditions

Facebook is open-sourcing an internal tool it has used to test how apps perform on 2G, EDGE, 3G, and LTE networks. The social networking giant is making the tool available on GitHub.

Report: Amazon to give users access to paid apps for free with 'Unlocked' section of Appstore

Amazon plans to launch a new section of its Android-based Appstore that will let users access a range of paid apps and those that have in-app purchases free of charge, according to a TechCrunch report.

Vision Mobile survey of developers harps on how e-commerce dwarfs app store revenue

Despite all of the attention paid to mobile apps and app storefronts, a global survey of developers from Vision Mobile found that "e-Commerce will account for 2.5 times as much revenue as all the other sources put together at $300 billion."  FierceDeveloper  spoke with Mark Wilcox, senior business analyst at Vision Mobile about what developers can do to incorporate e-commerce into their apps, the drive for subscription revenue and more.  Hot Seat