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Latest Headlines

What enterprise app developers need to know about MSA

For consumer app developers that want to make a move into enterprise work, even on a contract basis, getting up to speed quickly on MSA is probably a good idea.

Iron Man could become an app developer role model

He has fought--and won--battles against warlords, terrorists and (with his fellow Avengers) invaders from outer space. Can it really be that difficult for Iron Man to take on smartphone users?

Meet Jibo, the robot that may become app developers' new best friend

Forget about the iPhone 6 for a minute. Put aside the Samsung Galaxy 5, the Moto-E and other new devices entering the market. Now take a look at this and imagine, for a moment, that it was the app development platform of the future. Because, despite first impressions, it might be.

Time Warner Cable leads the pay-TV app segment

Time Warner Cable has become the dominant pay TV distributor app provider. Unlike other cable MSOs, TWC has been more open to supporting apps on various devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Android-based wireless devices as well as Samsung's connected TVs and Roku's streaming video set-tops.

'Disney Animated' the top app of August

Each month,  FierceMobileContent  looks at the best and brightest, spotlighting the new apps that you need to download to your smartphone ASAP. This month, Editor Jason Ankeny selected "Disney Animated" as the best of the bunch for August. For the full list and details,  check out this special report.

AppNation: App economy will double to $151B by 2017

Over the next four years, money flowing through mobile apps will reach $151 billion, or double the amount today, according to the first report published by AppNation. The conference producer surveyed 2,500 U.S. consumers and aggregated data from Flurry and others as part of its research.

Skippable ads could spell new revenue opportunities for video providers

The developers of online game Candy Crush Saga, which is offered on Apple's App Store, allows users to skip ads by paying an up-front fee. Josh Wein, editor of FierceOnlineVideo, examines how "skippable ads" could become a potential revenue source for service providers

Survey: 88% of Americans hate poorly-loading apps

An overwhelming 88 percent of Americans are fed up with mobile apps and websites that load too slowly, according to Mountain View, Calif.-based testing software provider Soasta. The firm recently released the results of a survey of more than 2,000 people to gauge their sentiment around mobile sites and apps.

Verizon serves up new Android app for FiOS TV users

Verizon is addressing the multiscreen nature of their video subscribers with a new FiOS TV app that allows users to control their service on their Android mobile devices.

Software-defined networking could drive efficiencies for wireless operators

Wireless operators, which touted the software-defined networking concept during the Mobile World Congress show in February, are seeing that it could help them to quickly deploy more bandwidth or applications in an on-demand fashion.