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Latest Headlines

Apple and Google to revise app revenue splits to boost subscriptions

Apple and Google are each revising their revenue-sharing models for mobile apps. And the shift is all about recurring revenues.

Apple's Swift might become a major asset for Android developers

It's no secret that Swift has quickly gained traction as an effective programming language for Apple's operating systems, and now that it is open source speculation has grown that Google may use it as a primary language for Android. While that may seem counterintuitive, Swift boasts an impressive developer community, and Swift for Android could help developers keep their costs down if versions for Android and iOS evolve hand-in-hand.

How can developers cash in via being 'Featured' by Apple?

While it's akin to winning the lottery, developers do have some tips on how to get featured. They include thinking of Apple as a developer's customer, not just a distribution service, and treating their contacts at Apple the way a Hollywood agent might treat their actor clients.  Special report.

How is Facebook's React Native framework changing how developers make native apps?

Earlier this year social-networking giant Facebook released its source code to its React Native framework. Facebook committed to making publicly available technology that builds upon React.js and applies it to native apps.  Special report

Appsbar, AppMachine and others promise no-code app development

Although most mobile developers come from a traditional software development background using JavaScript or C++, a growing number of vendors are promising tools and templates that would allow anyone--even someone without any coding experience--to build basic smartphone apps.

Rising stars in mobile app development 2012

This year we're highlighting a new set of trailblazers in the mobile development circuit. Which of these challengers is the one to watch?  FierceDeveloper  takes a look at some of the rising stars who just might join the ranks of the other mobile powerhouses.

Survey: Exploring the reasons users complain about apps

The problem with bad reviews is they have a way of staying around online forever, which is why developers will need to be sure their mobile apps perform as expected, based on a recent survey from Apigee.

Enterprise apps will become a big part of IT outsourcing

Busy mobile developers are probably used to stretching themselves a little thin, which could make them great candidates to join "the elastic workforce." But what does that mean and why should developers care?

Inside News360's redesigned newsreader app for Apple's iPad

News360 is available for a multitude of platforms including Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Research In Motion's BlackBerry and Microsoft's Windows Phone, as well as the web.

What developers need to know about privacy and mobile apps

Here are some best practices for developers when it comes to ensuring the privacy of their mobile app users:  Article