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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile gets more government requests for customer data than rivals

T-Mobile US said it saw an increased number of requests for customer data from government agencies in 2014, and more requests than any of its wireless rivals.

Google, Apple, civil liberties groups press Obama not to break companies' encryption of customer data

Google, Apple and a broad array of civil liberties groups and technology companies are urging President Barack Obama not to embrace policies that would prohibit tech companies from encrypting their customers' data.

FCC is probing Verizon's 'super cookie' used to track mobile browsing

The FCC is investigating whether Verizon Wireless' program that inserted an undetectable and undeletable tracking ID into its subscribers' mobile Internet browsing activity violates consumer privacy laws.

AT&T fined $25M for customer data breaches used to obtain codes to unlock phones

AT&T Mobility agreed to pay a $25 million fine to settle an FCC investigation into privacy breaches of customers' personal information at call centers in Mexico, Columbia and the Philippines. Employees at those call centers accessed customer information without authorization and then sold the information to third parties, which then used the customer data to request codes from AT&T to unlock phones, according to the FCC.

Verizon lets customers opt out of program that inserted 'super cookie' to track mobile browsing

Verizon Wireless is letting customers totally opt out of its program that inserted an undetectable and undeletable tracking ID into its subscribers' mobile Internet browsing activity. The practice, which AT&T Mobility had engaged in but stopped last fall, sparked a backlash over fears that the program could be used by the carriers or advertisers to build up a profile of a users' mobile Web usage.

Why Silent Circle thinks the world needs a 'privacy first' app store

The makers of the Blackphone think they have found an important, overlooked niche: consumers who put a premium on the privacy of their personal data. In just a few weeks the company is also planning to launch an app store whereby developers from around the world will be invited to submit their work for a review process that will ensure consumers will not need to worry about personal information being misused or compromised.  Special report

AT&T stops adding 'super cookie' to track mobile browsing, but Verizon's program continues

AT&T Mobility has stopped adding an undetectable and undeletable tracking ID into its customers' mobile Internet browsing activity that could be used by the carrier or advertisers to build up a profile of a users' mobile Web usage. Verizon Wireless is still using the program, which has been dubbed a "super cookie" because it is more powerful than a regular Web tracking cookie that users can delete.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Verizon's Precision Market Insights profiling service raises concerns

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is raising questions about the profiling technologies used by Verizon's Precision Market Insights division. Verizon's Precision Market Insights creates anonymous profiles of Verizon users, including its wireless users, which it then sells to advertisers. The advertisers can use the data to create more targeted online advertisements.

Wickr, secure messaging startup, aims to power encrypted communications for Facebook and financial transactions

HALF MOON BAY, Calif.--Wickr, a secure messaging application that encrypts data from end to end and lets users destroy messages they receive, hopes to be the platform that powers similar messaging capabilities for Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many other messaging services, according to CEO Nico Sell.

Apple's Cook meets with Chinese vice premier following report of iCloud hack in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday met in Beijing with Ma Kai, China's vice premier, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua, and "exchanged views on protection of users' information." The meeting came just days after a report emerged that indicated Chinese-based hackers had attacked users of Apple's iCloud cloud storage service in the country.