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Latest Headlines

Facebook Messenger testing support for SMS and multiple accounts

Facebook is experimenting with integrating SMS with its Messenger service, according to multiple reports, and is adding support for multiple accounts for some users.

Sidecar motors forward with revamped ride-sharing app for iOS, Android

Sidecar co-founder and CTO Jahan Khanna spoke to  FierceDeveloper  contributor Jason Ankeny about the retooled app, building for iOS and Android and the pressures of designing an app while grappling with legislative interference.

5 Facebook custom sections app developers could create

There are no doubt plenty of developers out there hoping their app will hit the big time. Based on some recent recommendations put forward by Facebook, however, they might want to reconsider what they're doing and focus instead on a new goal: having their app hit users' Timelines.

70% of smartphone users tapping into Facebook, study shows

E-mail may remain the most popular activity among 78 percent of the smartphone-using population, but it's followed closely by browsing and connecting via social media, according to a survey of more than 7,000 people by Facebook and research firm IDC.

Will Android developers feel 'Home' in Facebook's new offering?

To some developers, the announcement of Facebook Home could be the beginning of new opportunities to create apps that work with one of the world's most popular social services. For others, the competition on Android just got more intense.

TweetDeck app kill-off leaves developers mourning

No one likes to see an app die, but when it's a series of apps that are tied into one of the world's most popular social networking services, it came as no surprise that app developers were very unhappy with Twitter's recent announcements about TweetDeck.

Mobile version of Facebook Graph Search is worth waiting for

Shortly after it became clear that Facebook Graph Search would not be available in mobile form anytime soon,  The Verge  editor Tim Carmody  r esponded,  arguing that the lack of mobility capability was a symptom of a larger problem within the social networking giant.

Digisocial's audio-enabled sharing app proves privacy is not dead

Digisocial Vice President Marco Mereu spoke to FierceDeveloper contributor Jason Ankeny about improving the social sharing experience, the value of voice and the importance of standing out from the pack.

Photo app PicsArt expands its focus from Android to iOS

FierceDeveloper  contributor Jason Ankeny spoke to PicsArt co-founder and CTO Arto Mehrabyan about the app's success on Android, its expansion to iOS and the importance of giving the people what they want.

Good-bye and good riddance to anonymous Android app reviewers

If you're going to be a hater, at least have the courage to be up front about who you are and what qualifies you to knock someone else's efforts to create a great mobile app. That seems, at first, to be the message sent by Google last week when it began demanding that all reviews posted in its Google Play app store be associated with a profile in its Google+ social media service.