Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Obama administration sets goal to connect 20M more Americans to broadband by 2020

The White House has introduced a complementary initiative called ConnectALL to the FCC's Lifeline program proposal that aims to bring broadband services to 20 million more Americans by 2020.

New NTIA report eases concerns over potential interference from small cells in 3.5 GHz spectrum

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released a report that analyzes potential interference in the 3.5 GHz band, which is considered viable for small cell use. Google and other advocates will likely view the report as a positive for the spectrum, as exclusion zones with restricted usage are now believed to be much smaller.

Broadband Opportunity Council wants input about better broadband deployment

The U.S. Broadband Opportunity Council interagency is asking for public comments on how federal agencies can promote broadband deployment, adoption and competition.

West Va. forced to give $2.5M in leftover broadband stimulus funds to the NTIA

West Virginia's efforts to spend nearly $2.5 million in unused broadband stimulus funds have come to an impasse as the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) rejected the state's proposal.

Mobile app code of conduct fails to impress developers

Developers on Twitter said the government's suggestion of a mobile app code of conduct lacks credibility given the recent NSA scandal over the secret surveillance of American citizens. For months, the NTIA has been holding stakeholder briefings about the need for greater transparency around how mobile apps collect, store and manage consumer information. The code of conduct was released late last month. Of course, those at all involved in online privacy were happy with the news.

Congress' Walden, Murphy raise questions about EAGLE-Net middle mile network

Colorado's troubled EAGLE-Net middle mile network is now facing scrutiny from Communications Subcommittee chairman Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee chairman Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.).

EAGLE-Net can resume $100 million network buildout in Colorado, says NTIA

EAGLE-Net Alliance got the green light from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to restart network construction on its middle mile network serving school districts and other local organizations throughout Colorado.

Where the California AG's app privacy recommendations fall short

Let's begin with some applause. The California Attorney General's office has taken the first step by issuing recommendations for developers, mobile platform providers and carriers to address potential privacy issues head-on, before they get legislation forced upon them. The document that the AG's office published,  Privacy on the Go, is less than two dozen pages and is written with surprising clarity.

After a year, Application Developers Alliance counts 20,000 developers, 120 corporate members

Twelve months. More than 50 events. Some 20,000 developers. And about 120 corporate members. These are the statistics that make Jon Potter proud.

NTIA suspends EAGLE-Net Alliance's middle mile project

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration voted to temporarily halt BTOP funding for EAGLE-Net Alliance's middle mile network build that will serve a mix of local schools, universities, hospitals throughout Colorado.