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Latest Headlines

Pinterest's URX acquisition spurs cautious optimism among developers

Pinterest has added a mobile deep linking technology provider to its portfolio. The photo sharing website has acquired San Francisco-based URX in a move that could have far-flung effects on mobile app developers worldwide.

iOS developers may soon 'pin' their hopes on being discovered via Pinterest

It's not quite an overhaul of its App Store, but iOS developers are showing some initial excitement over a recent partnership between Apple and Pinterest centered around app discovery.

Gartner: Mobile ads eating into traditional spend in Western Europe

Gartner has forecast a near $5 billion (€3.6 billion) year-on-year rise in global mobile advertising spend in 2014, with Western Europe expected to enjoy steady growth as more advertisers turn to the mobile channel.

Why Pinterest is holding off on a more inclusive API strategy

You can call Pinterest many things--a social networking service, an image database, a haven for digital scrapbookers--but you can't yet call it a platform.

Seven mobile developer success strategies from Web Summit 2012

With an audience of more than 3,000 people from 45 countries, last week's Web Summit in Dublin brought together dozens of experts in mobility, cloud and digital marketing, but developers were a key area of interest as the conference played host to hundreds of startups vying for investor interest. FierceDeveloper was on the ground during the Web Summit and we compiled the following list of ideas, advice and food for thought for mobile app makers to consider.

Time Warner Cable builds Pinterest page to market 'Enjoy Better' brand

Time Warner Cable is beginning to market its digital cable programming and other products through the social content-sharing service Pinterest.