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Review: Motorola KRZR K1

Phonearena has a review (with a bunch of pictures) of the Motorola KRZR. Forget

Nokia versus Motorola, by the numbers

Motorola, thanks largely to the success of the RAZR, is dominating the U.S. market, but Nokia maintains its lead in global sales with 78 million units shipped

QUICKLINKS: U.S. wireless data market mid-2006 update; Google moves into mobile barcodes; Much more...

U.S. wireless data market mid-2006 update: charts, graphs and statistics. Blog Opinion: Google will

Motorola reveals slimmer, faster RAZR

One of the more surprising announcements at Motorola press event was the RAZR MAXX. The MAXX adds EDGE and HSDPA to the V3x and--remarkably--shaves 1/5 inch off the width of the

FCC approves Motorola Canary (K1)

The FCC has approved the Motorola Canary, referring to the device as the

QUICKLINKS: An interview with Nokia's design chief; Yahoo's FIFA numbers; Much more...

Interview: Nokia's design chief. Article Guess which U.S. provider crippled the RAZR.

Rumor: Motorola Canary coming to Verizon

Engadget has pictures of a Verizon-branded Motorola Canary. The phone hasn't been announced yet so there's no way to confirm if this is for real. Last month I linked to

Pictures: Motorola 'Capri' slider

Phone Scoop has obtained new pictures of the Motorola Capri, better known as the "slider RAZR." This is not the same as the Motorola Z, a RAZR-influenced

Motorola 'Canary' pictures

Engadget has posted several photos of what appears to be the Motorola Canary (a.k.a. the RAZR 2). As is usually the case with unannounced devices, details are

Cingular launches 'World's Smallest' flip phone

Cingular has launched the Pantech C300 (PG-3200), the " world's smallest " flip phone. The C300, which is small even by RAZR standards, is a