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Latest Headlines

Apple's Cook: The Apple Watch will be the first smart watch that 'matters'

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch "will be the first modern smartwatch--the first one that matters," even if its usefulness is not readily apparent.

Hotspot 2.0: Creating a virtuous circle of Wi-Fi investment

The recent report that Apple's late cofounder Steve Jobs hoped to encourage wireless router makers to include a "guest network" option so Wi-Fi's footprint could be spread exponentially is helping focus more attention on Hotspot 2.0, which enables seamless roaming between Wi-Fi networks and also enables seamless data roaming between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. But recent comments from industry executives indicate Hotspot 2.0 has yet to gain widespread adoption, though its impact could be expansive in the future.

Rockstar, backed by Apple, blasts Google and Android handset makers with patent lawsuits

After years of reverse-engineering electronics gadgets and looking for infringing products, a patent consortium owned by Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson, Sony, EMC and BlackBerry has filed a battery of lawsuits against Google and Android manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Huawei and others. The action opens another, major front in the patent-infringement war that has engulfed virtually all of the world's major mobile players.

Jobs' hands-on approach led to iPhone revenue-sharing deal with AT&T

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs died nearly two years ago, and many are still marveling over his business accomplishments. In an interview with Forbes, Raj Aggarwal, a consultant who worked with Jobs as Apple was preparing to launch the original iPhone in 2007, recalled how Jobs was intensely hands-on in the negotiations with Cingular Wireless, now AT&T Mobility, in creating the revenue-sharing deal that prevailed for the first iPhone, which Apple introduced in 2007.

The FaceTime open standard that never happened

These were Steve Jobs' exact words, spoken almost three years ago at Apple's 2010 Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco: "We're going to the standards bodies, starting tomorrow, and we're going to make FaceTime an open industry standard." Although a lot has happened since then--Jobs' passing, a number of new iPads, iPhones and iOS updates--it is a promise that seems unlikely to be fulfilled anytime soon.

Report: Apple, Google CEOs in talks on resolving patent spat

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page have been holding talks on a range of patent issues, including the mobile patent disputes between their two companies, according to  Reuters.

Apple's Jobs was 'receptive' to the idea of a smaller iPad

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was "very receptive" to the idea of a 7-inch iPad by early 2011, according to evidence submitted during the patent-infringement trial between Apple and Samsung Electronics.

Top iPhone controversies

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone has been a phenomenally successful product since it was first introduced in 2007. However, Apple has suffered through a number of controversies. Indeed, problems and...

Latest Apple TV release wouldn't please Jobs, ex-employee says

The Internet was abuzz this weekend as a former Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) engineer took to Twitter to criticize his former employer's most recent effort to revise its Apple TV alternative set-top box.

Apple's Cook starts to make his mark on company

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) CEO Tim Cook has only been in the top spot at the company since August, and after he took over for the late Steve Jobs he promised Apple would not change. However, according to