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Half of all mobile game revenue comes from 2 percent of players, study shows

Only 1.9 percent of mobile gamers made a purchase in February, according to a new study from mobile marketing automation platform provider Swrve, up just 0.4 percent from two years ago.

In-app purchase fraud: It may be worse than developers think

There's only one thing better than gaining hundreds or even thousands of users for an app or mobile game, and that's when they start spending money inside the app. Unless, of course, the spending isn't what it seems.  As developers have shifted away from a monetization model based on paid downloads to "freemium" or free to play (F2P) approaches, many of them are looking at in-app purchasing (IAP) as a better way to create a revenue stream for their work. However, there's one major concern that could drag on both big and small app vendors: in-app fraud.

50% of in-app revenues come from 0.15% of users

It's becoming conventional wisdom that paid downloads are out and the freemium model is here to stay, but half of the revenue from in-app purchases come from a meager 0.15 percent, according to Swrve's Mobile Games Monetization Report. 

Mobile game marketing: 6 key things developers need to do

Getting to the point where you're generating significant revenue may require some ingenuity. Based on advice from a variety of firms in this space, here are the best ways to begin the journey:

The ABCs of A/B testing on mobile apps

A/B testing, a concept popularized within marketing departments as a way of rationalizing decisions around advertising, is quickly making its way into the world of mobile apps. Amazon and others offer insight into the process.