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Latest Headlines

Google's advertising prices take a hit in Q1 amid shift to mobile

Google reported first-quarter revenue that missed analysts' expectations, as the company's core advertising business continues to grapple with a decline in how much advertisers pay per click amid a shift in computing from desktop PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Why developers should carefully watch what Twitter does with Cover

Maybe it's because I work in publishing, but I get e-mails from search engine optimization firms all the time, and the subject line is almost always the same. "1st page of Google guaranteed!," they promise, meaning that if you use their services, your firm's website is more likely to be found by potential customers online. Good SEO is hugely powerful, and in the mobile world, the best equivalent may be what just happened between Twitter and Cover.

Google tight-lipped about rumored app, Starbucks retrofit

Google is not commenting on rumors that first emerged last month regarding its work on an application designed to ease access to its public Wi-Fi hotspots. The company also does not have much to say regarding its ongoing upgrade of Wi-Fi service in certain Starbucks stores, though users have been posting positive reviews on social media.

Apple tops UAE smartphone registrations, but Nokia still commands overall market

Smartphones dominated mobile phone device registrations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the fourth quarter of 2013, figures from the country's telecoms regulator show.

Deep linking: An in-depth look for mobile app developers

There's only one thing a URL has to do right: Take the user to the digital destination they're supposed to visit. For app users, however, that's the one thing they often get wrong. 

Every little helps in a disaster

Unicorn Media wants to help push video on Twitter

Unicorn Media is promoting its ability to help video content owners handle the demands Twitter's content embedding function puts on publishers.

Apple, Google, Microsoft among tech giants calling for surveillance reform

Eight major technology companies, including mobile heavyweights Apple, Google and Microsoft, launched a public campaign to reform government surveillance efforts, which could also help restore their customers' trust after widespread disclosures of snooping by the National Security Agency.

What Twitter's journey to an IPO should teach developers

There seemed to be plenty of people cheering Twitter on a few weeks ago when the company successfully launched its initial public offerings, but independent app developers were probably not among...

Time-travelling tweet machine

Forget the "there can be only one" tag of the movie Highlander-- one web firm is offering us all the chance to be immortal.   The Telegraph reports that Live