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Latest Headlines

Ford, GM, Toyota push against Apple, Google in expanding connected car market

Ford, GM and Toyota each announced major new efforts at the CES show in Las Vegas aimed at growing the market for connected automobiles, news that likely will boost the prospects of wireless carrier executives hoping to cash in on mobile communications two and from motorists' vehicles. But the announcements from the world's largest auto makers also appear to put distance between their products and the auto efforts from tech companies like Google and Apple.

Evernote's Phil Libin has a theory about apps every developer should ponder

If you work for a technology success story long enough, you're bound to eventually get the question Phil Libin recently struggled to answer: "What are your favorite apps?" The former CEO of Evernote was a guest in an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show podcast, and he was quizzed about his personal preferences on all manner of things. When it came to mobile apps, though, he sounded stumped. In fact, he gently suggested the death knell for apps is nearer than developers may realize. 

EC seeks clarity on whether Uber is a digital or traditional transport company

The European Commission (EC) was tipped to be preparing a study that will help it to decide if ride sharing app company Uber is a digital or real-world service in a bid to guide future regulation of such companies.

Why Soundcloud's API clampdown should be a familiar tune to app developers by now

App developers are getting understandably upset that they are starting to regularly experience the API equivalent of what one might politely call a "tease."

Coming to terms with the Uber effect

Burning tyres on roads; blocking traffic; causing mayhem--all typical reactions by taxi drivers to the UberPop service. However, innovative apps like Uber are opening up new opportunities in traditional industries that are now impossible to ignore.

Report: Uber makes $3B bid for Nokia's HERE mapping unit

Uber, the ride-booking service, is bidding for Nokia's HERE mapping unit, according to a report in the New York Times, which cited unnamed sources. The report said Uber's bid could be as much as $3 billion. Previous reports on the price for the HERE unit have reportedly hovered around $2.2 billion.

App developers suggest Uber's API release puts them in the driver's seat

Some application programming interfaces take a while to catch developers' interest, but an API announcement from on-demand driving service Uber had plenty of app and mobile game makers ready to put the pedal to the metal. 

Seven mobile developer success strategies from Web Summit 2012

With an audience of more than 3,000 people from 45 countries, last week's Web Summit in Dublin brought together dozens of experts in mobility, cloud and digital marketing, but developers were a key area of interest as the conference played host to hundreds of startups vying for investor interest. FierceDeveloper was on the ground during the Web Summit and we compiled the following list of ideas, advice and food for thought for mobile app makers to consider.

Karma learns what goes around, comes around

Wireless startup Karma is offering a hotspot that accesses Clearwire's mobile WiMAX network and allows users to open it up to the public, earning hotspot owners free data service for every new user who signs in.