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Latest Headlines

Chrome push notifications revive one of the oldest developer debates

Which is better: web apps or mobile apps? As more functionality becomes common--as with Google's move with push notifications in Chrome--there may be less to argue about.

How devs are responding to Amazon's HTML5 monetization move

There are still some questions about whether HTML5 apps are the way of the future or just a problem to avoid, but Amazon is making at least one aspect of it a little easier: monetization. 

HTML5 research shows strong developer support

Facebook's decision to "go native" for its iOS and Android apps may have made international headlines, but it doesn't seem to have had much influence on the attitudes of other developers around the use of HTML5, according to a recent survey.

Evans Data: Developers are moving away from native platforms for app development

Mobile developers in North America are steadily increasing their use of Web technologies and steadily decreasing their use of native platforms when working on mobile apps. In fact, new research from...

Widgets, web apps to beat mobile OS fragmentation

Widgets and web apps armed with network APIs are the ticket to bridging mobile OS fragmentation, says the head of the operator-centric Wholesale Application Community (WAC).