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Latest Headlines

Report: 39% of consumers delete apps for being 'useless'

Thirty-nine percent of people say they often delete apps because they've been 'useless,' according to The British Internet service provider recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 people in the U.K. to better understand how consumers are using apps and mobile devices.

Don't like Mondays? It's the time iOS app developers see the greatest conversion rates

Monday not be everyone's favorite day, but it represents the high point of conversions of iOS app views to downloads, according to data from Sensor Tower.

NetEase discusses the details of its fund to offer up to $500K for mobile game developers

FierceDeveloper spoke with David Ting, NetEase's general manager for North America, to learn more details about the Success Fund and the company's plans for the global market.

It's time for app developers to look past mobile interstitials

No one needed research data from Google to prove that interstitial ads on mobile devices-- or any devices really-- are both infuriating and ineffective.

ACT: 32% of iOS developers weren't ranked in the App Store a year ago

Although it may somtimes feel like the charts never change, 32 percent of the top iOS developers were not even ranking in Apple's App Store a year ago, according to ACT/The App Association. The group's iOS App Economy Report spanned the top 400 apps across key categories in the App Store, offering insight on growing app categories and the state of developing.

What Google App Indexing will mean for the future of Android app discovery

When you enter the search term "Android apps" in Google, what you mostly get back are lists. "Best free Android apps," for example, along with some headlines from Google News and a direct link to Google Play. Of course, most developers would probably pick much more specific keywords to optimize their Android apps for search, but it's only within the last few weeks that they've been given a major incentive to do so.

App video tutorials: The why, the how and the who

In an ideal world, developers would be able to sit down with each new consumer who downloads their app or mobile game and explain how it works and the best way to get started quickly. Since we do not live in an ideal world, we have video tutorials instead.

Why app developers should hope for something better than a Hollywood ending

It may not be the kind of line that drives people to the box-office, but it was certainly an eye-catching headline. "The app economy is now 'bigger than Hollywood,'" The Atlantic declared recently, with little sense of how developers, or anyone else, should react. What were we all supposed to do, clap? 

Report: App reviewers say they get an average of 20 developer pitches a day

If you've created a mobile game and hope to get someone in the media to write a great review, get in line: 75 percent of journalists say they get an average of 20 pitches from developers a day, according to Big Ideas Machine. 

Kate Upton, Liam Neeson ads could herald TV advertising opportunity for mobile app developers

Among the commercials for new cars, new cell phones and different insurance companies were two stand-out spots during this week's Super Bowl: An ad for the "Clash of Clans" game featuring "Taken" actor Liam Neeson and another ad featuring the actress Kate Upton for the "Game of War" mobile game.