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Why developers should carefully watch what Twitter does with Cover

Maybe it's because I work in publishing, but I get e-mails from search engine optimization firms all the time, and the subject line is almost always the same. "1st page of Google guaranteed!," they promise, meaning that if you use their services, your firm's website is more likely to be found by potential customers online. Good SEO is hugely powerful, and in the mobile world, the best equivalent may be what just happened between Twitter and Cover.

The app spam fallout: How developers will need to rethink SMS

Encouraging the take-up of social networking, messaging and gaming apps is one thing, but some app providers are involved in "growth hacking"--achieved through mass SMS app promotion invitations sent on behalf of users who install the apps. Mobile security firm AdaptiveMobile recently took a closer look at this trend and how different strategies are playing out.

Don't worry, the best app developers won't live with their moms forever

In the countercultural 1960s, the catchphrase among Flower Children used to be "turn on, tune in, drop out." Today, it might better be described as "turn on, tune in, make apps."  A recent post on the Harvard Business Review blog  explored the dark side of self-taught entrepreneurialism. What happens, for example, when young people pin their hopes on becoming an overnight app store hit and let their homework slide?

Distimo: Games rule, but finance app category heats up

Games may continue to reign supreme as an app category, but the  finance category generated almost 71 percent more revenue on Google Play and 42 percent more revenue on the Apple App Store in February compared with January 2014, according to Distimo. 

Vserv survey: 82% of developers struggle with monetization

An overwhelming majority of developers have a hard time making money, but as they add more apps to their portfolio, that begins to change, according to The company recently released the results of a survey that looked across a broad range of issues among independent app developers.

Appolicious, Appreciate and the quest for the ultimate mobile app discovery service

They are the kind of mistakes that can happen to anyone: 'Candy Crush Saga" becomes "Candy Crash Saga," or "Evernote" becomes "Evernot." Of all the discoverability challenges facing app developers, clumsy typos are only the tip of the iceberg. And  there are plenty of third party app discovery services and app search firms that hope to make finding apps even easier.

Flurry: More developers with 1M monthly active users than ever before

We usually hear about the staggering growth stats of major apps from Facebook and Snapchat, but recently released data from Flurry indicates there's hope for developers who dream of amassing millions of monthly active users.

What's next in free-to-play games?

SAN FRANCISCO--Fully 95 percent of all mobile games in the future will be free to play, predicted one top industry player here at the GMIC show. But what exactly does that mean for the mobile gaming market and the players still hoping to cash in on the space?

How developers can make the death of paid apps slower and less painful

If a developer takes the time to make a mobile app, it's reasonable to think consumers might be willing to pay for it. In the last few months, however, several experts are wondering if the traditional model for paid downloads is nearing its end.

Why some mobile M&As value the developer more than the app

A few weeks ago, when San Francisco-based game developer PlayFirst purchased mobile ad firm Big Head Mode, it wasn't reported as a normal merger or acquisition. Instead,  VentureBeat  described it as an "acqui-hire."