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Latest Headlines

Subscriptions are most common monetization method for app developers, study shows

The study of more than 600 apps that submitted to the App Idea Awards indicated 27 percent of developers use subscriptions to monetize their apps.

iOS users spend nearly 2.5 times as much as Android users, study shows

iOS users are roughly 50 percent more likely to spend money in apps than their Android counterparts, according to a new study from AppsFlyer. 

Nissan developer gets busted for stealing code from Stack Overflow

Cheaters never win-- just ask the Nissan mobile app developer who was exposed for stealing code verbatim from Stack Overflow. 

Targeting, length among key factors for successful in-app video ads, IAB says

Deploying video ads in your mobile app could help developers increase app revenues, especially if they deploy ads that generate interest from the target audience. But there are a few caveats that devs should not ignore that could torpedo their ad strategy.

Mobile app revenue steers toward $79B worldwide by 2020, Ovum says

Expect global mobile application revenue and app downloads to increase significantly over the next few years, according to Ovum. The technology analyst has predicted global mobile app revenue will increase from $36 billion in 2015 to $79 billion in 2020.

iPhone users spent an average of $35 on apps last year, study shows

Mobile consumers spent an average of $35 on apps per active iPhone in the United States last year, according to a new study from Sensor Tower. The mobile app store market intelligence firm reported the Games category ranked first among per-device spending last year, followed by Music, Social Networking and Entertainment apps.

Google's App Indexing: U.S. brands may be missing out on valuable app data, Searchmetrics says

Searchmetrics, a German search engine optimization platform provider, has discovered the majority of U.S. brands could be missing out on opportunities to drive app traffic, engagement and conversions via Google searches.

Localytics, Sinch, Sourcebits reveal Instagram's secret to creating a 'sticky' app

Evaluating an app's health remains crucial for app developers. And thanks to app stickiness, developers are able to determine how frequently users are engaging with an app in both the short-term and long-term. Developing a truly "sticky" app, however, can be tricky.

Crush that candy, devs: Verto Analytics, Appnique offer tips to boost a mobile app's shelf life

Today's app developers may want to design and deploy the next  Candy Crush Saga--that is, a mobile title that users will download and enjoy for years. However, creating an app with a lengthy shelf life is a real challenge, particularly in a highly competitive global app marketplace.

Facebook 'undisputed leader' in mobile advertising, study shows

Facebook earned the top spot in the power rankings for every category and region among platforms included in a new mobile advertising study from mobile marketing analytics platform provider AppsFlyer.