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Latest Headlines

Android devs make room for larger apps as Google doubles APK size to 100MB

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but Google's decision to double the maximum size of APKs in Google Play may prove to be a hit with Android developers.

Localytics: 75% of app users will churn within 90 days

Three-quarters of app users will "churn" and become inactive within the first three months, and 58 percent will do the same within 30 days, according to Localytics. The company recently released data based on 40 million Android and iOS devices downloaded in May.

Apple devs on Twitter: About that Xcode malware issue...

Malware attacks are never fun, and developers sounded less than amused by a security issue in Apple's App Store involving a modded version of Xcode.

FunPlus explains its approach to bringing greater transparency to developer programs with PublishingPlus

A few months ago, mobile game developer FunPlus announced PublishingPlus, a developer program that would include not only money and marketing help but the ability for indies to keep their intellectual property. Chief strategy officer Dan Fiden spoke with FierceDeveloper by phone to provide more context around how PublishingPlus will work. 

Garmin's ConnectIQ may give developers a faster route to the wearable apps market

It's helped countless people navigate their way through innovative GPS technology, but Garmin is a smart enough company to know the best way to grow its share of the wearable computing market is through a pretty standard route: creating a great app developer program. FierceDeveloper recently spoke to senior developer program manager Josh Gunkel by telephone to learn more about ConnectIQ.  

Developers are all in on Google Go 1.5, based on Twitter comments

The outlook from developers on social media couldn't be more clear: As far as adoption for Google's nascent programming language is concerned, it's Go time.

Will Windows Bridge be enough to get iOS developers to cross over into Microsoft territory?

With Windows 10 recently launched as its most mobile-friendly operating system ever, shouldn't Microsoft be among the available options for developers, too? Microsoft recently announced it would be offering Windows Bridge, a way of developing iOS apps for Windows 10, as an open source project available under the MIT license.

Devs sound ready and eager to try Android Experiments on for size

Wearable computing may be hard to get your head around, even for experienced developers, which is probably why so many of them are welcoming Google's new "playground" where they can see what makes a good fit.

NetEase discusses the details of its fund to offer up to $500K for mobile game developers

FierceDeveloper spoke with David Ting, NetEase's general manager for North America, to learn more details about the Success Fund and the company's plans for the global market.

Vision Mobile: 26% of Internet of Things developers not sure who their customers are

More than a quarter of developers creating apps for the Internet of Things aren't sure who their target audience is, according to Vision Mobile's State of the Developer Nation Q3 2015.