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Latest Headlines

TurnToTech, Mobile Makers, Flatiron bootcamps keep app developers on pace

More than 70 app development bootcamps are available across the United States and Canada, but what do they offer students? The fast-changing app environment means devs should look at schools with a critical eye.

App developer: 'Don't start developing apps for Windows 10'

Coder Nikolaus Gebhardt is encouraging app developers to stop creating apps for Windows 10, but why? Here's what you need to know.

Progress, WaveMaker, others make the case for hybrid mobile app development

With the "borderless office" becoming a ubiquitous phenomenon, today's users demand mobile access to their enterprise applications, which opens up an important market opportunity for developers and software companies. The problem is that building individual native apps for each mobile platform is a complex-- and therefore expensive-- proposition. And it's one that can negate the value of a developer's time and effort, despite the end user demand.

Apple's iOS 9.3 beta Night Shift feature draws rave reviews on Twitter

The beta release of Apple's upcoming iOS 9.3 update is making the rounds and reactions have ranged from glowing praise to dire warnings.

Developers react to Lenovo's plans to offer Google's Project Tango in a consumer device

Google's ambitious Project Tango is a smartphone platform that uses computer vision, depth sensing, and motion tracking to generate on-screen augmented reality (AR) features and functions on top of physical environments. It's a potentially exciting technology.

Virtual reality: Set to disrupt the mobile ecosystem?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are nascent mobile development areas that have seen significant investment this year, from startups to Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Just how disruptive VR/AR will be for the mobile ecosystem remains to be seen, but boosters are banking on a massive platform shift to create an immense amount of opportunity for developers and everyone else.

Android's switch to open-sourced Java fuels speculation of Google-Oracle settlement

Google won't get around to talking too much about the next version of Android until its annual Google I/O developer conference rolls around again months from now, leaving plenty of time to speculate about what junk food it will be named after.

What I learned by editing FierceDeveloper

Only now can the truth be told: I've never played Angry Birds. The same goes for most mobile games, other than the ones I've had to help my three children try to figure out. I do not own an Apple Watch, and have no intention of buying a similar wearable anytime soon. The apps I check most often are the same big monoliths that everyone else uses: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and (because I do a lot of reading) Pocket. How on Earth did a guy like me get a gig running FierceDeveloper?

Google's developer community celebrates its partnership with Unity on social media

Android developers have probably been asking themselves this question for months: tvOs is great and all, but why should those operating in Apple's ecosystem have all the fun? Google's remote plugin for Unity on Google Cast may be considered a thoughtful response to that question.

eMarketer: 75% of smartphone owners using messaging apps once a month

Seventy-five percent of smartphone users worldwide will use an over-the-top (OTT) mobile messaging app at least once a month, according to eMarketer. Its Mobile Messaging Apps: Global User Forecast, Leaderboard and Outlook on Monetization is the first its research arm has devoted to such apps' worldwide impact.