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Latest Headlines

BMW, Timecode Systems, and more leap into the GoPro Developer Program

GoPro this month launched a developer program as part of an effort "to develop a seamless user experience between [developers'] products and GoPro products." Ultimately, the program could impact mobile developers in a number of ways, too.

Apple discovers, repairs iOS 9.3 bug

Many iOS users who downloaded the iOS 9.3 update encountered problems immediately. Here are the details.

Devs jump on 'half-baked' Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile

Twitter is now available for Windows 10 mobile devices. The online social networking service this month released Twitter for Windows 10 Mobile, an app that delivers "a Twitter experience designed especially for Windows 10 for PCs and tablets." Device users quickly provided feedback.

Mobile, personalized in-app ads present 'a new privacy threat,' Georgia Tech study shows

A new study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Computer Science indicated the personal data of millions of smartphone users remains at risk due to in-app advertising that can leak potentially sensitive user information between ad networks and mobile app developers.

Connecting with users makes app marketing as much art as science, AppsFlyer, Localytics stats show

When are mobile device users downloading apps most frequently? And what draws these users to certain apps over others? A new study from mobile app tracking platform provider AppsFlyer provided insights into these questions

The top 3 risky behaviors that threaten Android app security

Malware, Trojans, fragmentation: Many cybersecurity dangers threaten Android application developers. And as new risks develop, Android developers must understand how to identify and eliminate such issues.

Back to the future: Apple debunks Jan. 1, 1970 iOS device bug, says it's actually May 1

Jan. 1, 1970 is a day that lives in infamy for many iOS users. Although some users claimed setting the date on an iOS device to this date would provide access to Easter eggs, Apple said doing so can "brick" an iPad or iPhone.

Developers rank Android first among platforms, study shows

A new survey of more than 1,000 app developers conducted by mobile advertising platform provider Inmobi Insights revealed Android was the top platform used by developers.

GSA: LTE user devices reach 4,416

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) said in a recent report that the number of verified LTE user devices now stands at 4,416 after 1,770 were added since February 2015.

Siri leads Google Now in usage, study shows

A new study from consumer technology research firm revealed more than half of iPhone owners use Siri voice recognition software, while less than one-third of Android phone owners leverage Google Now.