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Latest Headlines

Pew: The average app asks for up to five of a possible 235 permissions

The average app asks for five permissions, which can be divided up into 235 categories, according to the Pew Research Center. The data was based primarily on an analysis of more than 1 million Android apps in the Google Play store last year.

Midverse Studios exec explains how Invest+Publish program will pair developers with the best branded IP

There are no "sure things" in mobile gaming, but creating something on a story or concept that has been a blockbuster in other mediums is about as close as you can get. That's the thinking behind Invest+Publish, a developer program launched last month by Mountain View, Calif.-based Midverse Studios.  FierceDeveloper  talked with Jim Rainey, Midverse Studio's vice president of growth, to get more details on the program.

How Pinsight Media is changing the way Sprint works with developers

It might not be a name with which app developers are deeply familiar, but Kevin McGinnis is focusing on making them feel the same level of awareness for Pinsight Media as they have for Sprint. Based in Kansas City, Pinsight Media is a Sprint subsidiary that was designed to help the carrier build new kinds of opportunities in mobile advertising, mobile analytics and mobile commerce. Last year, Pinsight Media grew substantially via the acquisition of Handmark/OneLouder, a former partner that developed both apps and mobile advertising services.  McGinnis spoke with  FierceDeveloper   by phone to explain more about Pinsight Media's genesis and its future.

According to developers, the right time for iTime is now

An actual device may still be months away (or longer), but as far as developers are concerned, it's already "iTime."

Yo, developers could learn something from the app everyone's talking about

It's only two letters and one syllable, and yet a mobile app called  Y o  has already generated more lengthy discussions online than what most developers will ever experience in their entire careers.

Report: 62% of consumers use more than one news app

It may not have the allure of mobile gaming, but with 62 percent of consumers using more than one news app, the news app market might be ripe for takeoff. 

Apple iBeacon vs. NFC: Where location-based apps are headed

The idea of location-based services in a retail environment has been around for a while, but iBeacons' use of the Bluetooth LE standard means apps may soon be able to take advantage of indoor or "micro-location" scenarios. This could include not only use cases in stores, but also in museum displays, trail markers in parks, or even in the home. It could also represent Apple's response to those who have wondered if the company would ever adopt Near Field Communications technology in iPhones.

In-car app market may be ready for test drive

Get in the car. Fasten your seatbelt. Turn on the ignition. Choose an app.  That last step may not be typical for the average driver today, but mobile and auto industry experts are suggesting that after a long gestation period, the market for in-car apps is finally about to take off. There is still some question, however, of how many independent app developers will be along for the ride.

The Internet of Things needs app developers

Hung LeHong has a pop quiz for you. Within five years, guess how many items in the home of an average affluent American could be connected to the Internet? Think big.

80% of consumers would give up location data for offers, discounts

Despite widespread concerns among government and privacy experts about the way mobile apps collect and manage users' information, 80 percent of respondents to a research study from mBlox said they would share location data to receive SMS or push notifications.