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Latest Headlines

Distimo: Games rule, but finance app category heats up

Games may continue to reign supreme as an app category, but the  finance category generated almost 71 percent more revenue on Google Play and 42 percent more revenue on the Apple App Store in February compared with January 2014, according to Distimo. 

Facebook-Oculus deal sparks anger among mobile developers

They aren't looking for any financial windfalls, but developers were nearly as angry as Kickstarter supporters over Facebook's decision to acquire virtual reality (VR) firm Oculus and what it may mean for mobile VR gaming. 

Finding inspiration from Kwazy Cupcakes, the most addictive mobile game that never existed

Whether or not you're a fan of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," the show gets kudos for introducing Kwazy Cupcakes to the world. The episode that featured the fictional and addictive mobile game offered a few nuggets of inspiration worth discussing.

Tapjoy and AppEngage show how ad networks are changing the game for devs

All developers would probably like to attract more "whales"--consumers who tend to spend a lot of money inside a mobile game--or turn existing users into a whale, but the ad networks are trying to show them that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. 

Social casino gaming: The best bets for developers looking to cash in

The odds are probably a little better than what you'll find on the average table in Caesar's Palace or the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but for most app developers the social casino market may still look like a risky roll of the dice. Signs, however, indicate this is a niche with a momentum all its own.

Mobile backend-as-a-service: How developers can become the next Zynga or King

A lot of developers probably use cloud computing to store their personal music library, stream movies at home or book hotels, but they may not be so sure about using the cloud to create their next mobile game. For the last few years, a number of firms have created mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaas) offerings that allow developers to offload chores like hosting or managing servers to keep apps up and running. 

The downfall of Intel's AppUp experiment, explained

The stats from just two years ago sound pretty good to me: A new user every 56 seconds. A download every 16 seconds. More than 2.6 billion possible devices to run the apps on. And yet, there's nothing too surprising about Intel's decision to close its AppUp app store, other than what took so long. 

In defense of Flappy Bird creator's decision to shut his mobile game down

The only thing that seemed to happen more suddenly and quickly than the success of Flappy Bird was the vilification of its creator after he shut it down. I think you have to remember that consumer apps and mobile games are entertainment, and there is a long history in the entertainment industry of superstars who have tried to walk away from their greatest success.

The magic that's missing from Alibaba's mobile gaming strategy

Talk may be cheap, but Alibaba is getting ready to start having some very expensive conversations with mobile game developers.  Last month, according to a report in the  South China Morning Post, the Chinese e-commerce firm said it was launching a new platform for developers to create mobile games, the kind of announcement that might not have gotten a lot of attention were it not for the pricey incentive that came along with it.

Mobile game devs taken aback by Amazon's deal to buy Double Helix

Some might say Amazon has always had a killer instinct, but now it owns Double Helix, the team behind the popular "Killer Instinct" game on Microsoft's Xbox One console.  The  news came out  through a recruiting event jointly hosted by the two organizations. Amazon did little more to confirm the acquisition than to say the transaction is "part of our ongoing mission to build innovative games for customers.