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Latest Headlines

Android on Microsoft phones? Developers are sharply divided

If the rumors about Microsoft bringing Android to its mobile phones are true, the company can expect a sharply divided developer community.

Why Microsoft is finally winning over Windows Phone 8 converts

It's the kind of strategy that might catch iOS and Android developers off guard: a mobile OS platform provider going out of its way to make it easier to publish on its app store. 

Report: Android traffic gains 8% lead over iOS in phone traffic

Apple's iOS may still be the best platform for developers to make money, but Google's Android is quickly moving ahead in overall mobile traffic, according to a recent report from Opera Mediaworks. The company gathered the findings for its Q4 2014 research from monitoring traffic over its ad network.

Evans Data: 41% of Android developers finish their app in one month or less

Cross-platform apps may be ideal, but time-crunched developers will probably be better off starting with Android, according to Evans Data. The Santa Cruz, Calif.-based market research firm's most recent Mobile Development Survey gathered details from more than 450 developers.

Apple's $10B year in the App Store: How devs see it

When Apple announced it had racked up more than $10 billion in app store sales last year, the company acted as though the world should celebrate, but developers didn't necessarily react that way.

What the CTIA gets wrong with

There is something incredibly sad and out of touch about, a site created by the CTIA. offers test results on the top 50 iOS and Android apps and attempts to estimate what kind of impact consumers could expect in terms of data use if they download it. What's branded as an educational tool becomes, in effect, a form of public shaming for developers and a tool to discourage app discovery in favor of conserving wireless spectrum. And it will do absolutely nothing.

Google kills Bump and Flock: Developers say good-bye

Four years. More than 125 million downloads. Some one billion photos sent. And yet, users of Bump and Flock, acquired by Google for $30 million late last year, will soon see their apps cease to function and all their user data deleted.

iOS 7.1 beta gets developers talking on Twitter

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Apple offered developers a sneak peek at something they seem truly grateful for, based on Twitter comments: the beta version of iOS 7.1.

Rating the iOS user experience: Does it stand out?

Developers compare platforms all the time, but France-based Pfeiffer Consulting recently decided to offer a benchmark-style evaluation of the five major mobile OSes to see how well iOS 7 ranked in terms of mobile user experience.

BlackBerry's uncertain future leaves app developers in limbo

For several years now, it's felt as though most developers had their eyes focused on Apple and Google, while BlackBerry was someone on the side, within their peripheral vision. Now I can't imagine the company is in their line of sight at all.