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Devs react to Brave, a new ad-blocking browser from ex-Mozilla CEO

Brave arrives as an ad-blocking browser promising increased privacy and faster speeds. Former Mozilla CEO and JavaScript creator Brandon Eich built Brave to automatically keep out programmatic ads and tracking cookies. In head-to-head comparisons with Safari on iOS, Brave clearly loads faster.

Quixey: Consumers want the functionality of mobile apps, convenience of mobile Web

Mobile consumers are divided on which they prefer, mobile apps or mobile Web, according to a recent report from Quixey. The firm commissioned a survey of about 1,000 people to get an idea of how they prefer to use mobile internet.

Report: Ads on apps perform twice as better as ads on the mobile Web

Ads on mobile apps perform two times better than those on the mobile web, according to a recent report from Medialets. The firm's Mobile and Tablet Advertising Benchmarks were derived from what the company describes as more than 300 billion data points that occurred between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2014, on its mobile and tablet ad serving platform.

Report: 3 in-app video ads run for every mobile Web video ad

The in-app model dominates the mobile video ad space, with three in-app ads running for every mobile Web-based ad, according to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Facebook ends in-app chat, and developers have lots to say

Developers, like many consumers, would like to have a little chat with Facebook regarding a recent decision about its Messenger app.

Yahoo Games Network: Will devs want to play?

When Yahoo! introduced its Yahoo Games Network, developers on Twitter were quick to recognize the move as a way for Yahoo to build upon its acquisition of Player.IO. Others were more skeptical. 

Report: Digital content market grows 30%, driven largely by mobile apps

The digital content market surged 30 percent between 2012 and 2013, with apps driving much of the growth, according to a report from IHS and App Annie. The joint research study also looked across digital games, music and movies and found that overall consumer spending on mobile apps jumped 2.3x year-over-year.

Facebook's $16B WhatsApp purchase has developers dumbfounded

There was a time when developers might have been envious of Instagram and its history-making acquisition by Facebook, but Facebook's recent $16 billion purchase of WhatsApp has raised the stakes even higher.

Developers welcome Google Chrome mobile data compression feature

It's all fun and apps until consumers get a look at their data usage on a phone bill--but Google may be changing that.

How app developers are responding to Instagram Direct

While social media industry pundits were pondering the implications of Facebook launching Instagram Direct, app developers on Twitter immediately formed a hypothesis of their own about the strategy.