• The beginner's guide to creating tvOS apps for Apple TV

    At one point in time, there were dramas and sitcoms so valued by their audience that they were sometimes referred to as "appointment television." Later, major networks described some of their shows as "must-see TV." It's not exactly clear, though, how we'll convey the tvOS apps that all consumers should download for Apple TV.

The studio culture that allows mobile game developers to grow and thrive

The formal interview had taken place hours before, and as is their custom occasionally, the team at Electronic Art's studio in Toronto had decided to go to a nearby watering hole for a drink, and asked the candidate to join them. That's when someone who had seemed like a promising potential hire started to look a lot different.

The ad-blocking reality app developers must face

It's a little awkward writing about the concept of ad-blocking technology when you work in a sector that is largely monetized through advertising, but here goes: The fact that ad-blocking apps rose to the top of the App Store charts shouldn't have surprised anyone, least of all app and mobile game developers.

comScore: Apps represent 54% of the time spent consuming digital media

Mobile apps are driving 54 percent of the time consumers spend on digital media, according to comScore. The company recently released its 2015 Mobile App Report, based on behavioral data it tracks from its proprietary platform.

Android devs make room for larger apps as Google doubles APK size to 100MB

Bigger doesn't always mean better, but Google's decision to double the maximum size of APKs in Google Play may prove to be a hit with Android developers.

True or false: The 'golden era' of mobile game development is still to come?

With major studios like Rovio announcing layoffs, abandonment rates continuing to climb and increasing challenges with in-app monetization, there have to be days when even the most optimistic mobile game developer wonders if the best days of the industry are behind it.


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Hulu announced a major renewal and expansion of its content deal with Viacom, a move that underscores the battle among Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other high-profile streaming video services.


In August, AT&T flipped the switch on a virtualized packet core in Europe. Analysts explained that the move was geared to aid the transmission of traffic for AT&T's international Internet of Things (IoT) and connected car services.