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  • Facebook unveils SDK for Swift beta

    The company this month announced the Facebook SDK for Swift beta, which enables developers to integrate their iOS mobile apps with services on the social network.

Google appears ready to enter the smartwatch market. Can it challenge Apple's dominance?

Apple currently dominates the smartwatch market segment, but a rumored Google-developed Android Wear smartwatch could change the game.

Survey: Pokémon Go becomes 'biggest mobile game in US history'

Pokémon Go has officially surpassed Candy Crush Saga as "the biggest mobile game in U.S. history," according to a new survey from mobile data research firm SurveyMonkey Intelligence. 

Development studio takes Pokémon Go's AR to the next level

Pokémon Go already illustrates the potential of augmented realitfor mobile developers, but it may also show developers how to bring that AR experience to the next level. 


Do bulk discounts for virtual goods work?

A new economics study conducted by the University of Chicago indicated volume discounts usually fail to persuade mobile gamers to make purchases.

Lessons from the Pokestop: What developers can learn from Pokemon Go's success

The Pokémon Go revolution is underway, and the mobile gaming phenomenon continues to generate interest from casual and hardcore gamers alike. 


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Apple once again pointed to growing revenue from services as it posted a second straight quarter of falling iPhone sales. But shares rose in after-hours trading Tuesday as the company beat expectations in some key areas.


The seven-week strike that ended in late May had a crippling impact on Verizon's wireline installation operation, resulting in the company losing 41,000 FiOS pay-TV customers and 13,000 FiOS high-speed internet users.